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  • Bolivia: amazing nature trails

    laguna verdeBolivia is a country of contrasts, a curious blend of old and new, and of different cultures, and at the same time, one of the most beautiful places you can find on Earth. Some people say that Bolivia is to South America what Tibet is to Asia, a landlocked, wild corner of paradise, high in the clouds.

    Bolivia’s geography is very diverse, with highlands, mountains, valleys and lowlands, from tropical spots to semiarid areas. Light treks and hike trails are plentiful in Bolivia, and there are even some serious mountain climbs for the serious trekkers. Here are the most beautiful natural sights in Bolivia which you can explore on foot.

    Valle de la Luna

    valle de la lunaValle de la Luna, the Valley of the Moon, got its name from the locals long before man ever stepped foot on the satellite. But the name is surprisingly accurate, because this eroded mountain looks like a landscape from another planet.

    The odd stalagmite-like structure of the Valle de la Luna are a mere 10 kilometres from La Paz, Bolivia’s capital. You can wander around on your own if you wish, but there is an entrance fee to the Valle, and designated visiting hours. Not the wildest trail in Bolivia, but definitely worth seeing.

    Salar de Uyuni

    salar de uyuniAntiplano, the part of the Andes stretching from Bolivia to Peru, is full of attractions. starting with La Paz, the highest capital city in the world. One of the most interesting sights in the region is the Salar de Uyumi, the largest salt flat in the world. If you didn’t know that you’re in South America, you’d think that you’re somewhere in the heart of winter .

    In the wet season, the dazzling expanse of salt is covered with a few inches of water, but you can still drive on it. You can book tours if you want to make sure that you cover all there is to see in Uyuni (e.g. train gravyard, a villages living off salt, hot springs, coloured pools etc.)

    Madidi National Park

    If you are stationed in Rurrenbaque, the park is just a stone’s throw away. Madidi should definitely on you’re list of places to see, especially if you are fond of  ‘traditional’ nature walking through forests and meadows.

    Madidi Park is one of the most diverse and exciting protected areas in the world, with countless South American species like the jaguar, spectacled bear, maned wolf, vicuña, giant otter, Andean condor and others. It’s advised that you go  with a tour, seeing as the park is rather large and has some dangerous areas as well.

    San Pedro Caves

    gruta san pedroAbout 150 km from La Paz lies the small town of Sorata, where there isn’t much to see, but which is a gateway to the surrounding Caves of San Pedro. From Sorata you have to hike 2-3 hours to the caves, and once you’re there you’ll be graced with some of the best views in Bolivia.

    The caves were used by the Inca centuries ago, and there’s a lagoon inside. The caves look amazing with the lights set up by the locals, and you can even rent a paddle boat and float a while in the green waters of the lagoon.

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