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  • The best unusual sights in Spain

    La Tomatina festival in Spain

    La Tomatina scene ©davidd/Flickr

    Whenever you think about traveling to Spain sandy beaches, Ibiza parties and Medieval Cathedrals may come to your mind, but certainly not the unusual sights we are going to show you.

    Maybe not as unusual as the hamster driving out a Volvo truck from a Spanish quarry – check the below video if you do not believe me, but some pretty interesting staff. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

    Sopelana Nudist Race

    Nudism has got a fairly wide culture in Western Europe generally with quite a few ‘followers’ of the trend in Spain. Now the Sopelana Nudist Race is all about being naked… just for fun.

    The race takes place in the town of La Salvage and apparently it’s very popular among the locals. Of course, it is an international race so visitors from all over the world to uncover what they have got.

    La Tomatina

    La Tomatina festival in Spain

    La Tomatina scene ©davidd/Flickr

    La Tomatina is a rather famous festival organized every last Wednesday of August in Valencia in the town of Bunol. The whole thing goes on for 1 hour only, but in that our about 150,000 tomatoes are used for the fight.

    Everyone is most welcome to participate in the wild fight where strangers throw tomatoes at each other to the point of soaking in its juice.

    The Mines at Rio Tinto

    Rio Tinto landscape

    Rio Tinto ©Javier Santos Romero/Flickr

    The mines at Rio Tinto are making the surrounding landscape look like Mars, it is a strange experience indeed. The extreme conditions make the surroundings much like parts of our solar system where there might be water in a liquid form.

    The water of the river has a dark reddish color and is highly rich in acids, therefore it is not fit for drinking.

    Human Pyramid Festival

    The Pyramid festival is also called La Fiesta de la Virgen de Salud in Spanish, it means the festival of the Virgin of Good Health. It also takes place in Valencia, in the town of Algemesi.

    The main event and hot point of the festival is – as the name shows – when people climb on each other to create a huge human pyramid. It is absolutely a fun thing to watch and if you attend, know that it is organized in late September every year.

    When you are in Spain and want something highly crazy and off the beaten track, go to one of the best unusual sights. You know some other crazy staff about Spain? Let us know in the comments please!


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