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    Our friends from Lifecruiser and Travel Experta invited us to have a virtual cocktail party in their “Drinks ‘Round the World Meme” event and well, we’re not ones to pass a drink 😉 Our entry won’t be quite like the others probably, as it’s not suitable for a serious corporate blog (ahem) like Travelgrove’s to share stories of how we got drunk on our holidays. Still, we decided to try writing an article about some of the hottest cocktails around and give you a short glimpse in the history of cocktails. Enjoy, fellow travellers.

    The map of the ideal seaside holiday is often traced within the borders of several coordinates such as a powdery beach, crystal-clear water to dive in and a comfy beach chair covered by a colorful umbrella. We portray ourselves treating our taste buds with exotic fruit and traditional food, sipping from a bitter-sweet, refreshing cocktail. Yes, in spite of their customary presence on a travelers’ menu, cocktails are unique culinary experiences.

    A journey enriches you not only with a list of magnificent natural scenery, historical monuments and towering building, but it comprises both the experience of intercultural communication and culinary delights. The different types of cocktails are constantly cultural markers as their preparation means strictly following a particular recipe for each region on the continent. What’s even more appealing for the traveler is that the ingredients offering the cocktail its unique flavor are either a fruit that grows in the mere country/region or a traditional drink. Hence, the traveler will be smitten by the Russian vodka-based cocktail, by the Mexican Marguerita cocktails with hot, fragrant tequila while the English will put a spell on their tourists with their original gin mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

    Short Cocktail-history

    Nevertheless, the first cocktail was mixed on the American territory, back in the Prohibition days as a solution to sweeten the dry taste of gin. Furthermore, this colored drink came into prominence in the 1960’s, pinpointing the Americans’ sense of style and elegance.

    Provided we managed to slowly whet your appetite, here are the best summer cocktails to be spotted on the menus of the A-list bars scattered in all the corners off the world, from the Caribbean Islands to the far Indie.

    The Swimming Pool Cocktail

    The first position in our top, the Swimming Pool Cocktail is an inspired and flavored mixture of dry gin, vermouth, a soda and a fresh, bitter lemon juice. This cocktail can be savored both when at the swimming pool or on special occasions such as a beach party.

    All-star Margarita

    The bartenders who shake the pitch in order to obtain an All-star margarita use tequila, sweet-tasting water and blended with the lime syrup.  The travelers who were lucky enough to taste an All-star Margarita revealed unanimously it is the best tequila-based drink. Therefore, taste it if the occasion arises! It’s yum.

    Pimm’s Cup

    The fame of this drink crossed the borders of England and it’s mostly appreciated for satisfying quickly your thirst, refreshing in the same time your entire body when summer is in full swing.

    The Ritz Cider

    Apparently, the Ritz Cider Cocktail meets a lady’s pretentious taste. Very light and refreshing, the bartender stirs either champagne or refined wine with apple juice. The people who had the chance to drink it claim that apart from being really tasty, it quenches your thirst as well.

    Ten Grand

    The Ten Grand cocktail is served with two orange slices, in a martini glass and it was the popular John Shaw who discovered the magical combination of gin, pineapple and lime juice. The fruity juice dulcifies the taste sensation.

    Absolute Mandarin Sunrise

    This reddish, tartness cocktail is certain to put a smile on your face. The people who use to relish it state it’s the best choice when you seek to be in your cups. It is no wonder among its ingredients range the strong vodka and all sorts of mouth-watering, natural orange juices.

    All in all, cocktails are magical potions poured in your glass to paint in bright shades your journey and overall, your life. Enjoy them while your taste buds last!

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    Lifecruiser Travel Blog wrote on June 5, 2009:

    Oh, very interesting with some new drinks that I actually never have tasted!

    Yes, we have started a virtual cocktail party – the 1st every month, so be prepared to the 1st of July!

    Everybody is heartly welcome!

    Cheers my dears :-)

    marina k. villatoro wrote on June 5, 2009:

    Hi! Happy Drinks ‘Round the World

    I love cocktail history. I have one for you.

    In the early 1940’s a beautiful girl named Margarita Cansino worked as a dancer at the Foreign Club in Tijuana, Mexico. Her beauty and sensuality inspired the bartender, Enrique Bastate Gutierrez. Gutierrez created this world famous drink in homage to the dancer. With time she too became world famous. However, we know her better as Rita Hayworth.

    Mark H wrote on June 5, 2009:

    Some fun sounding drinks. My offering to the party is at

    joe TgAvatar
    joe wrote on December 24, 2010:

    I for my part like Bloody Mary.

    anyaeji onyinye jennifer TgAvatar
    anyaeji onyinye jennifer wrote on January 19, 2011:

    i love this page i learn alot from it and wish to create my own cocktail and also become a world famous.

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