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  • Top 10 Places to see in Czech Republic

    Peter Fen?a/flickr

    ©Peter Fen?a/flickr


    For me the Czech Republic was like a very beautiful fairy tale. Bohemia, Moravia, Beer, Skoda, these are some of the keywords of the territory but the country has much more to offer. The Country itself is practically in the middle of Europe.


    The Nation has some of the most unique and outstanding natural and cultural wonders of Europe. The people are very friendly and know how to party. If you want to visit Europe, start by visiting the Czech Republic, you won’t regret it believe me.

    10)  Trebic

    Jewish Cemetery of Trebic @John Williams/flickr

    Jewish Cemetery of Trebic ©John Williams/flickr


    This charming Morvanian town has two important sights that are worth a visit.

    The Jewish Quarter of Trebic.

    This quarter is one of the finest and and best preserved Jewish Ghettos in the world. It has 123 beautiful houses, a Jewish cemetery and two exceptional synagogues. It is the only Jewish monument outside of Israel which is recognized as Heritage Site by UNESCO.

    However these buildings (Rabbi’s hall, the town hall and hospital) do not serve their purposes anymore and the houses are owned by non Jewish people. St Procopius’ Basilica. The church was built on the site of the original Virgin Mary’s Chapel and is known for having both Romanesque and Gothic elements.

    9) Litomysl Castle

    Litomysl Castle János Korom Dr/flickr

    Litomysl Castlehttp ©János Korom Dr/flickr

    8) Karlovy Vary

    Karlovy Vary Thomas Depenbusch/flickr

    Karlovy Vary ©Thomas Depenbusch/flickr

    This 19th century gorgeous town is know for its buildings, elegance and for its hot springs. If you personally want to feel the presence of Bohemia, Karlovy Vary is the town for you. It is a popular holiday destination for recreation and relaxation.

    7)  Plzen

    Plzen city center @Reisender1701/flickr

    Plzen city center ©Reisender1701/flickr

    Obviously both because of its tasty beer called Pilsner Urquell and for the cities beauty. All I can say is that the city is purely amazing.

    6) Olomouc

    Olomouc city center with its noteworthy column Ana Paula Hirama/flickr

    Olomouc city center with its noteworthy column ©Ana Paula Hirama/flickr

    The Historic Town of Olomouc is an example of an outstanding Moravian town. In addition of the towns exceptional beauty, it hosts Central Europe’s most lavishing column. The column itself was built in the early years of the 18th century and it is considered as one of the finest Baroque illustration of Europe. The 35 m column is decorated with gorgeous religious sculptures.

    5) Gardens and Castle at Krom??íž

    Krom??íž Castle and gardens @Travel via Italy/flickr

    Krom??íž Castle and gardens ©Travel via Italy/flickr

    This site in my opinion is another greatest example of fine Baroque beauty. Krom??íž is situated across the river Morava. Arguably it has the best preserved castle garden of the country and the castle itself is a wonderful 17th-18th century landmark.

    4) Telc

    Telc as its finest,János Korom Dr/flickr

    Telc as its finest, ©János Korom Dr/flickr

    The town center is extremely gorgeous. It has one of the most appealing houses of the country and the high castle itself is marvelous. If you want to see outstanding examples of Renaissance and Baroque architecture, be sure to check out Telc. Another very important architecture of the town is the High Gothic Castle.

    3) Kutna Hora

    The Outstanding view of Kutna Hora @Davis Staedtler/flickr

    The Outstanding view of Kutna Hora Davis ©Staedtler/flickr

    This little Czech jewel town has it all. It has got so many things to see that it’s hard to choose where to start. The town itself has landmarks from the 14th century to the 17th century. The most unique structure you must definitely visit is the Sedlec Ossuary.

    It is one of the most out of common place you might ever see because of the interior. It is said to have between 40.000 and 70.000 skeletons and the interior is decorated with such skeletons. Of course, in addition to this exceptional place, the historic center with its St. Barbara’s Church is a must visit destination.

    2)  Cesky Krumlov

    Cesky Krumlov @Giannis Pitarokilis/flickr

    Cesky Krumlov ©Giannis Pitarokilis/flickr

    The whole town is like a page of a fairy tale. While the Czech Republic has many amazing place to visit, Cesky Krumlov nevertheless is the winner destination besides Prague. This town possesses all the great and important elements like Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. If you really want stereotype the Czech Republic, you should check out this little town to get that typical opinion of the country.

    1) Prague

    Prague city center @Nitin Vyas/flickr

    Prague city center ©Nitin Vyas/flickr

    Honestly, If I would choose a European capital having both tremendous culture and life, I would choose Prague. There’s not much I could say about Prague. All I can say about the city is that it will be an adventure of your entire lifetime. I strongly recommend you to visit the city as fast and properly as you can.

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