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  • Top 5 surprising attractions in Guatemala

    Lake Atitlan, photo by alq666

    Guatemala is a place that simply captures your heart. A country that is ill-famed for its high rates of criminality, and yet a country where people always return to see more. Guatemala is probably a well known name for those travelers who are interested in Maya culture or colonial history, pristine forests and volcanoes.

    Guatemalan culture is rich and tourist attractions are always surprising, especially if you expect to find a dangerous or poverty-stricken country. Whatever your travel-infused imagination cooks up, it can probably be put into practice in Guatemala. If you’re curious about what this Central American country has to offer, here are top 5 surprising attractions in Guatemala.

     Lake Atitlan

    Writer Aldous Huxley said that Lake Atitlan is the most beautiful lake in the world, and it’s hard to disagree when you set sight on the deep blue water accumulated over thousands of years in the crater of a long-gone volcano. The surrounding scenery of tall volcanoes is stunning, and the road winding around the lake was actually made on the very rim of the extinct volcano.

    There are several communities on the lakeside, the most interesting of which is Santiago Atitlan, notable for the worship of Maximon, a fusion between Mayan deities and a Christian saint.

    Los Siete Altares

    Boat trip to Siete Altares, photo by Eric Yeargan on Flickr

    Siete Altares is an amazing nature reserve made famous by a succession of seven waterfalls forming turquoise ponds in a narrow forest canyon.

    This rich natural area is very easy to access – you can take a boat ride from Livingston, but you might as well walk along the beach until you reach Siete Altares. Although there’s no danger of getting lost in the reserve, you should book a tour if you want to make the most of your visit.

    El Mirador

    Guatemala is known for its Mayan ruins, and although Tikal is probably the most famous, those who visit El Mirador are in for a surprise. In Mayan times, El Mirador was larger and more flourishing than even Tikal, and what’s left today of the city is definitely worth seeing. Mirador is not swamped with tourists, like some of the other Mayan sites in Guatemala, mainly because it is rather inaccessible, and overtaken by the jungle, but this only adds to its mysterious charm.

    Antigua Guatemala

    Antigua Guatemala, photo by Rambling Traveler

    Even if you prefer sticking away from the beaten path, Antigua Guatemala, the most popular tourist destination in the country, is a must-see. This former colonial capital is a gem of colonial architecture and incredibly well-preserved.

    Many of the ruins are quite expensive to see, but even walking around the city and taking in its beautiful buildings, archways and fountains is an once in a lifetime experience.

    Semuc Champey

    If the waterfalls at Siete Altares blew your mind, wait until you see Semuc Champey, possibly the most stunning natural monument in Guatemala. Semuc Champey is a succession of impossibly blue limestone pools formed by Cahabon River, ending in a pretty spectacular waterfall. The pools are a great place for a swim if you get tired and sweaty after the journey.

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