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Anchorage Sights and Landmarks Guide, Alaska

Anchorage is the most populous city in Alaska and one of the country’s largest in terms of area. It is located at the head of Cook Inlet, a bay of the Pacific Ocean. It was founded in 1914 as a construction base for the Alaska Railroad. The Alaska Pacific University and the University of Alaska are situated in Anchorage. There is much to see in this city, and it is an excellent base camp for exploration out of the city boundaries. Take some time to check what is in store for you in a list of Anchorage Sights.

Anchorage Sights – Museums and Architectural Structures

Anchorage, just like other cities in US, offers different architectural structures worth exploring. Here are some of the best spots to visit during the day.

Alaska Native Heritage Center. This is the pride and joy of natural living in Anchorage. It is in this place that you can learn a lot of things regarding Eskimos, Indians, and Aleuts. You can also see the customary dance of the natives, pay attention to storytelling and come across carvers in this venue.

Anchorage Museum. You will be able to look through galleries of paintings, innate work of arts, and full-scale reproduction of innate houses of Anchorage’s native residents through this museum. It is also the place where you can find Sydney Laurence’s timeless Mount McKinley painting. When you want to visit both the Heritage Center and the Museum, you will only pay $20.75 admission ticket for both and there is a free shuttle running between these two buildings.

Anchorage Sights – Recreation Spots

Looking for places where fun and excitement is a sure catch is never difficult in some of Anchorage Sights. Here are your options.

Wild Ride Sled Dog Show. You can watch this one hour live action loaded with amusement and humor. This is a very remarkable dog performance that you and your family can enjoy.

Alaska Wild Berry Park and Theater. You can find this site only 10 minutes away from the business district of Anchorage. This is a one stop site where you can enjoy almost everything, from foods to animals and even shopping.

Alaska Zoo. Take pleasure in the forested hillside scenery while obtaining the nearest pictures of the plentiful animals of the north. You can closely watch polar bear Ahpun and brown bear Oreo at this site.

Lake Hood Floatplane Base. There are around 800 floatplanes splattering down and raising off that you can see daily at this most eventful floatplane base lake. You can walk at the grassy coasts rowed with planes and at the same time visit the nearby Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum while you are at the floatplane base lake.

Anchorage Sights – Parks and Farms

Haven't had enough yet? You may also visit Anchorage's farms and parks to complete your exploration of this Alaskan city.

Musk Ox Farm. Touring this farm will take you as much as 40 minutes. You can witness 60 musk ox as well as their babies. These animals are very friendly so you are allowed to feed them. The tour guide will tell you everything regarding these distinctive animals.

Earthquake Park. This park is located in the forests and is reminiscent of the part in Anchorage History where the whole place went down to the ocean during one of the strongest earthquakes in the 19th century. There are stroll paths around the area with signs giving details regarding the devastation that took place during that time.

Anchorage Sights share the same beauty and splendor promised by Talkeetna Travel Guide and Seward Travel Guide. Compare and contrast information listed in these places.

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