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Alaska Travel Guide
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Alaska Travel Guide

Located in the northwestern part of the USA, Alaska is the biggest state with a total area of 1.717.854 square km and also the least populated. Another paradox is that even if the state belongs to the USA it does not border it. It is best known for its harsh climate, but also for its beautiful landscape and also for its well known Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race from Anchorage to Nome.

The warmest part of the state is around Juneau, the capital city and the climate here is oceanic and subarctic. The climate around Anchorage is also mild and this is the main reason why most people live in these areas. It is not easy to get to Juneau though as the only ways are through the air or by water and there are no roads to link the city to the other parts of the state. Even if there were debates about moving the capital to a city linked a road system, nothing has been done yet. The largest highway is Alaska Highway comprising a tunnel that links some isolated communities. Then there is Alaska Railroad an important route for the state’s economy.

Alaska Marine Highway and The Inter-Island Ferry are the main transportation systems by sea which link a lot of cities.

Most of the residents are Caucasian and the language most widely spoken is English but Native North American and other languages are also spoken. People are not very religious only 39% claiming they belong to a religion, but most of them are Evangelical Protestants.

Alaska has a few nicknames but probably the one that suites it best is "Land of the Midnight Sun"


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