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Amsterdam History, Netherlands

Amsterdam, History- the early history

Amsterdam, one of the most important cities of Netherlands, has always played a significant role in the Dutch history, as it has been the greatest planned capital in the North of Europe.

The first information we have about Amsterdam History dates back from the 13th century, when the town is first referred to as a fishing village. The next two centuries helped to the development of this place to such an extent that historians named it The Golden Age, from which only few buildings are still “alive” today. This period met a flourishing commercial place, with an increasing number of inhabitants. Amsterdam cityscape was also defined in that period and tourists can observe its characteristics even today, when they visit the Dam Square, which is now the Royal Palace, the Van Raey-huizen, Keizersgracht Sweedenrijk, Herengracht and Westerkerk, Zuiderkerk.

Amsterdam, History- the middle history

During the 17th and 18th century, people from all over the world immigrated to this amazing place. This is the reason why the official institutions were represented by immigrants of all cultures. This has lead to the apparition of the bubonic plague, which is supposed to have come from Algiers. The number of population decreased and Amsterdam began to lose its status as a staple market as fewer and fewer investors came in.

The next century saw a decline in the prosperity of this city, because of the attacks England and France made on Netherlands. However, with the establishment of the Kingdom of Netherlands, the situation started to improve. The Industrial Revolution gave e boost to the city’s economy, as many canals were built, this making the communication with the rest of the world much easier. The end of the 19th century is called Amsterdam’s second Golden Age, as many important institutions were established, many beautiful buildings erected and the number of inhabitants increased considerably.

Amsterdam, History- 20th century

During World War I, although Netherlands proclaimed its neutrality, Amsterdam could feel its consequences, due to the scarcity of food. The hippie period saw this capital the right place to unfold itself, as this magical center of Europe began to tolerate the use of soft drugs. At the beginning of this millennium, important social problems such as discrimination, security, religion were more and more often. Just like Amsterdam History, Rotterdam History and Cologne History tell the story of a glorious Dutch past that continues to be created with every second that passes by.

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