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Zurich Travel Guide, Switzerland

Zurich is a place known for its various struggles in history.  Its economic boom was intercepted by some world revolutions which contributed to the downside of the city.  But each time revolts end, they have always been optimistic to change their way of living, thus giving their people more opportunities to be prosperous.

Zurich is located at the plains of Central Switzerland and is the center for Zurich district.  Its elevation at the south reaches the famous Alps, while at its north is found the Zurichsee also known as Lake Zurich.  Its shores are flanked with esplanades and expensive houses, which evidences the wealth of the entire place.


The city has a mix of railways, land and air transport.  It has public transport which gives ready access to the locals as well as tourists of the place.  They also have boats and funicular railways plus a cable car transporting between Adliswil and Felsenegg.

Among its numerous railway stations is the main station of Zurich, Zurich Hauptbahnhof.  The famous Cisalpino and InterCity Express make pit stops at the place.  Its motorway passes are composed of the so-called A1, A3 and A4.  The A1 goes west towards the places of Bern and Geneva and on the east heading for St. Gallen.  The A3 motorway goes northward to Basel and to the southeast along Lake Zurich and Lake Walen of the Sargans.  The A4 trip heads for the north to Schaffhausen.

You could also find the famous Zurich International Airport 10 kilometers of the city center in Kloten.  A military aviation is also found in Dubendorf.


Just like other places in Switzerland who have been dominated by various settlements, Zurich has its own share of traces from this onset in their history.  As proof to this, the place had adapted several languages to its existence namely Zurich German, its main dialect, and Swiss German, a local dialect.  German became the most predominantly written and spoken language in Zurich. 


The people of Zurich embraced Protestantism as their religion and it used to be the center of said faith.  However, in the 20th century, Catholic religion came on the rise, now dominating the entire canton.  Other people claim that they have no religion though.

Business and commerce

Zurich, like many other prosperous cities in Switzerland, is one of the leading financial centers in the country.  It is the home for many financial institutions including Credit Swisse and Zurich Financial Services.  It is considered one of the biggest areas for offshore banking.  


Tourism is also prospering in Zurich as it had constructed various tourism infrastructures.  It is known for the great churches of Grossmunster, which means great minister and the Fraumunster, which literally means our lady’s minister.  St. Peter can also be seen in the place with its historical big clock.

Zurich is also the home of some 50 museums that exhibit different artifacts and evidences of its colorful history.  It also has amusement parks as well as world class hotels, cultural theaters, rainforests and ecosystems.

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    Zurich is one of the richest cities in Europe and it is also very expensive so when you go, make sure you take plenty of money with you because you will surely spend it. By the way, the currency of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc. It is perfectly located in a valley with a large lake and mountains...
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    If you want to go shopping on a high level, go to Zurich. There´s much you can do there in that sense.
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