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El Paso History, Texas

El Paso History – Early Settlement and Function

The per-Columbian settlements in the region of El Paso indicate thousands of years of inhabitation and there are also clues that the local populations were maize farmers. Later they mixed with the first Spanish who arrived in the area and gave the local culture a unique form that integrated all the populations and their customs, which is similar to what happened in present day Silver City and Roswell. The El Paso River became both a natural border between the Spaniards and the Apaches and provided excellent land for agriculture which was mostly vineyards and fruits. After the Mexicans’ revolt against the Spanish was successful in 1680 and all the Spanish were thrown out of the land, El Paso became the main administrative point from which they organized and tried to govern southwards.

El Paso History – Independence and Development

El Paso belonged to present day New Mexico and it was very far north for the needs and capabilities of most travelers, so very few people besides merchants and traders explored the area at that time. The Mexican and Texan wars were not heavily felt in the area and the present day situation which gives El Paso to Texas was decided between the Texans and the Mexicans in the Compromise of 1850, a very important year in El Paso history. After this, numerous changes started taking place in the area, including the blessing of a chapel and the fixation of the boundary on the thirty second parallel. In 1873 El Paso became a town proper after incorporating all the small communities that had developed in the area.

El Paso History – The Lawless City

The civil war saw many of the citizens of El Paso eager to join the Confederate States of America, and after the conclusion of the war population started to grow. Life in El Paso started to look a lot like in the western movies, with the new railroad bringing all kinds of gamblers, gunfighters, prostitutes, thieves, priests and even Chinese railroad workers to the area. The city soon became known for its lack of laws and legal activities until a powerful and potent marshal was brought in, Dallas Stoudenmire, who managed to bring some justice to town. Still, gambling and prostitution remained landmarks in El Paso history including in the prohibition times, till the government pressured local authorities to keep vice under control. After World War II the American rocket program was started in El Paso, and a V2 rocket is still on display in the city. In the same period the worldwide famous Margarita cocktail was invented in the city and since then El Paso grew more and more, reaching a level of development that hasn’t stopped to this day.

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