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Fukuoka History, Japan

The beginning

Fukuoka, Japan, being the only city as close to Korea as China, it is probably the oldest city in the country of Japan, where the non-Jomons settled for the first time. It has been confirmed by means of ancient texts as well as local archaeology that this city contributed greatly to the finding as well as early development of Japan.

In fact many sources also hint towards the possibility that this area might have been a capital of the country once upon a time. Some researchers also suggest that Fukuoka could have been the place where the outsiders to this country first set foot.

It could also have been the place from which the Imperial family of Japan entered the region. In a nut shell, it could be safely said that the earliest history of Fukuoka mostly revolved around lots of people coming and lots of others leaving the city. While some left a mark behind, some didn’t.

The Mongolian Invasion

Fukuoka is known for its interesting history. Since it is a gateway to China and Korea, it had always attracted great fascination and was subject to foreign invasions. One major invasion that is worth mentioning was the Mongolian attack. A major portion of this place’s history revolves around the Mongolian invasion and their settlement after the war since it has contributed a lot to what Fukuoka, Japan is all about today.  

 The invasion started around 1274 A.D led by Kublai Khan. The Japanese put up a very strong defense, and even used small bombs to resist the enemy. Sources suggest that this was probably the first time that the Japanese army used bombs in their war system. They even built strong walls to fend off the enemy, the remains of which can be seen even today.  

Fukuoka, Japan in the modern times

The development of Fukuoka into a modern city could be said to have begun sometime in 1989, as the two cities of Fukuoka and Hakata got merged. Today Fukuoka is a well developed, modern city, having well known colleges and universities, like the Fukuoka Medical College, excellent road as well as air transport services, fun sports and entertainment facilities, etc.

 An interesting fact to note is that Fukuoka has been featured in various films, like Godzilla and Gamera: Guardian of the Universe too.  However, in spite of all its modern advancements, the city of Fukuoka, Japan still bears signs and shows traces of its rich ancient history that lends an exotic touch to it. For instance many a times, one can hear people referring to the city by its old historical name, ‘Hakata’. The old ruins continue to fascinate and raise questions, the answers to many of which the historians are still struggling to find.  

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