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Cheongju Sights and Landmarks Guide, South Korea

Cheongju takes pride in its picturesque sceneries and abundant culture it holds throughout the course of the history of Korea. Hand in hand with its history, Cheongju Sights present a number of cultural temples, historical sites, museums and places for recreation. Just like the magnificent Pyongyang tourist destinations, all of these places are open for everyone to discover.

Cheongju Sights – Historical Sites

South Korea takes pride in its history. The country is known for preserving its historical sites and Cheongju takes part in the country’s objective to do so. Temples and castles make up the historic scene of the place.

Sangdangsanseong. This historical site is a mountain fortress located near Mt. Uam. The castle is protected by a 3 to 4-meter wall which has a circumference of 4.2 kilometers. Inside the walls, tourists will find a village with numerous restaurants. Sangdangsanseong is named National Historic Site No. 212.

Yongdusaji Cheoldanggan. This is an iron flagpole situated at Yongdu Buddhist Temple. It was constructed during the Goryeo Dynasty. Yongdusaji consists of 20 iron tubes extending up to 13.1 feet high. It was created in honor of Buddha’s dignity and justness.

Cheongju Sights – Museums

Like other South Korean towns and cities, Cheongju gives importance in sharing its history with everyone. Most of the museums found in this city exhibit the great history and culture of Cheongju.

Cheongju City Printing Museum. Jikji, the ancient Buddhist text about sayings from the founders of Buddhism is kept in this museum. Along with this, 800 materials about tools and methods in printing during the latter period of the Goryeo dynasty are also housed in one of the most-visited Cheongju Sights.

Cheongju National Museum. The museum showcases around 2,500 artifacts from the Joseon Dynasty and the Old Stone Age. The museum also has a division for the children where they can experience and learn history.

Cheongju Historic Museum of Baekje. Named Archaeological Treasure No. 319, this museum provides detailed facts of the early history of the city of Cheongju. The museum also showcases important pieces of early history.

Cheongju Sights – Reacreational Sites

Most of the recreational sites found in Cheongju cater to children and allow them to enjoy their visit to the city. Zoos and theme parks are what Cheongju offers.

Cheongju Zoo. The zoo has some species of birds and other animals which children can see. Some of these animals include tigers, deer, leopards, bears, and seals. Visitors can even hold some of the animals found in the zoo.

Cheongju Uam Children’s Center. This children’s center is divided into 4: the Main Building; the 1st Exhibition Hall; the 2nd Exhibition Hall; and the Amusement Center. The main building includes aquariums, exhibition halls and computer rooms. In the 1st Exhibition Hall children can learn about the western culture. The 2nd Hall houses butterflies, insects, minerals, and world masks. While taking a break from learning, children can also play bump cars, space fighters and battery cars.

These spectacular attractions in Cheongju make it one of the most-loved places of tourists. Just like the travel destinations in Daegu, this city leaves a soft spot in everybody’s heart.

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