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Ansan Sights and Landmarks Guide, South Korea

Ansan is a small city found in Seoul National Capital Area. Although a fully developed city nowadays with over a million residents, Ansan is not your usual metropolitan city as it remains true to its Korean identity and heritage. Ansan Sights will offer everything to your heart’s content as soon as you get a glimpse of its delightfully majestic sceneries.

Ansan Sights – Famous Spots

As it is located near the West Sea, Ansan boasts of captivating seaside sceneries. Visitors can take pleasure in many tideland experiences that are truly educational and environment-friendly.

Daebudo Island. Since the construction of the Sihwa Embankment in 1994 that connected the island to the mainland, the island became more accessible to local and foreign tourists. Visitors can take pleasure in deep sea fishing, clam digging and grape picking.

Nueseom Lighthouse and Observatory. The lighthouse is situated on top of Nueseom Island, about 10 minutes from Tando. Visitors can walk around the place when the tidelands reveal themselves for four hours every day.

Ansan Sights – Historical Relics

Being the birthplace of three Joseon Dynasty monarchs, it is not surprising that Ansan is rich in historical significance.

Byeolmangseong Fortress. This fortress was built in the early Joseon Dynasty between two valleys from the coast to put off the invasion from foreign intruders. It was nearly destroyed during the Korean War, but some parts of it have been restored.

Ssanggyesa Temple. This is Ansan’s only traditional temple. It houses three intangible cultural properties namely, Amitahoesangdo, Hyeonwangdo, and Mokjoyeoraejwasang. Visitors can hike through the trail behind the temple.

Sasechungyeolmun. It is also called the Shrine of Loyalty, Virtue and Filial Duty. It has two gates: the gate of loyalty on the right, in honor Kim Yeomul who served his life for his country during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 159; and the gate of chastity on the left, in honor of the four generations of mothers-in-laws and daughters-in-laws from Kim’s family who opted to commit suicide to uphold fidelity.

Ansan Sights - Festivals

Festivals held in Ansan encourage the participation of its people. For sure, people who relish rich history infused in arts and sights would appreciate the charms of Ansan festivals.

Seongho Cultural Festival. This festival esteems the life of the master realist Seongho Yi Ik. The festival was first held in 1996 and is continued to this day every May. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities including a commemorative rite, writing competition and drawing contest.

Byeolmangseong Fortress Art Festival. This festival celebrates the spirit of the ancient Korean people who courageously defended the Byeolmangseong Fortress. The festival started in 1987 and has since been held during October every year. Guests can enjoy an assortment of activities related to the arts plus folk music singing contests, dance performances, handwriting competition and others.

Jeokgeumgol Cherry Blossom Festival. The Cherry blossoms are popular in Japanese cities like Fukuoka. In Ansan, they bloom fully in mid April. Visitors can experience the sweet-smelling scent given off by the flowers as they walk along the 1.5 km road of about five hundred 20-year-old cherry blossom trees. The trees are located at the crossroad in front of the Gojan-dong Tax Office.

Ansan Sights are inspiring, motivating and captivating. You should always take the necessary steps just to conquer these sceneries. Enjoy your South Korean travel with a visit to this place.

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