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Sevilla History, Spain

Southern Spain’s center for the art, culture and finance is the city known as Sevilla or Seville. This city is also the capital of both Seville province and Andalusia. Sevilla History has a series of events every person should know about.

Sevilla History – First Settlements

Based on archaeological discoveries, the first inhabitants in the area, where Sevilla now lies, were known as the Tartessians and arrived in the place in the 9th century BC. Most of the people who lived in the area were fishermen and hunters.

At some point during that period, Carthaginians conquered most of the regions in Andalusia and created smaller villages in Sevilla. The Punic War involving the Romans and Carthaginians in 216 BC wiped out the city. After a decade of battle, the Romans were able to beat the Carthaginians.

Sevilla History – Roman Occupation

Following their victory, the Romans occupied the entire Andalucia including Sevilla. The occupiers established a town named Italica and when they expanded it, the area where Sevilla is located was incorporated in the growing city.

At the dawn of the 4th century, Sevilla along with the rest of Andalucia were constantly attacked by various tribes. These incidents led to the decline of the Roman Empire in Spain. The Visigoths took over the rule of Sevilla and the rest of the country. This period in the city’s history was a peaceful one except for the small misunderstanding among the various Christian divisions.

Sevilla History – Moorish Era

After the domination of the Visigoths in Sevilla, the Moors inhabited the city. The new settlers named the place Isbilya. A range of Arab clans lived in Sevilla and this resulted to many disagreements. Although the Moorish occupation faced problems, the authority was still able to order the construction of many Moorish buildings such as mosques.

In the 12th century, Sevilla became the center of administration of Al-Andalus and several more buildings were erected. This is yet another important happening in Sevilla History. By the 13th century, the conflict between the Moors and the growing power of the Spanish Kings intensified. By the mid-1200s, Fernando III of Spain was able to dominate Sevilla.

Sevilla History – Christian Era

Sevilla was made the capital of Fernando III’s monarchy following the Reconquista. In 1356, an earthquake shook the city destroying many of its buildings. Reconstructions were done shortly after. In the latter years of the 1400s, the residents of Sevilla sided with Ferdinand and Isabelle in their fight versus Granada’s Nasrid Kingdom. This culminated to Spain’s triumph in 1492. Add to this, the city became the doorway to the New World, America. The act of trading with the newly discovered land brought prosperity to Sevilla and this led to important building constructions. For the next 300 years, it incessantly progressed and expanded.

Sevilla History – 20th Century

In 1929, the Iberian-American Exposition was the first significant global event hosted by Sevilla. The city was slightly affected by the political instability which arose in Spain in the mid-20th century.

At present, Sevilla is one of every tourist's favorite destinations. It is also a strong economic and industrial center in the whole of Andalucia and Spain. As it developed, visitors never fail to compare it with its neighboring European cities like Malaga and Ceuta.

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