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Granada History, Spain

Located at the bottom of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the city of Granada is host to many historical and cultural sites. Connected to these places is Granada History. If you will look at information at one of its closest cities via Malaga Travel Guide, you will be able to appreciate what this city is proud of.

Granada History – First Settlements

The very first villages in the city of Granada were established by the Iberian tribes in the 1500-2000 BC. By 1000 BC, the Phoenicians started to settle along the coastline of Granada. The Carthaginians, however, occupied the Phoenician settlement of the city and gained control over trading in the area.

Three centuries after the Carthaginian occupation, the Romans gained power over the whole of the Iberian Peninsula and Granada’s name was changed to Ilberis. The town was not much of a help to the Roman Empire, and when the empire declined, it was easy for the Visigoths to conquer Granada (5th century).

Under the rule of the Visigoths, Granada slowly gained importance and grew in size. Christians consisted most of the town’s population along with some Jews who gave it the name Garnat al-yahut, sounding like the city’s name today.

Granada History – Moorish Occupation

The Moorish Caliphate Tariq attacked Granada in 711 ending the 200-year occupation of the Visigoths. The Moors called the town Ilbira and during their time, Granada’s territory expanded.

When disagreements rose between the different noble clans in 1010, the town faced an almost destruction. After three years, the disagreements were elucidated and the Zirian Dynasty rose to power. The dynasty created its kingdom in the town they call Granata. The Ziries ruled for 200 years and continually developed the town, which began to take the shape that it has at present. The Nazari Dynasty took over the Granada in 1238. It was also during this time that King Ibn al-Ahmar arrived at an agreement with the King of Spain Fernando III. This agreement made Ibn a vassal of the King. Known as the last Muslim kingdom in Spain, Granada had finally fallen to the hands of the European country on January 2, 1492.

Granada History – Christian Period

In 1499, bishop Cisneros commanded that all Muslims should be converted to Christians. The oppression against the Muslims had become evident when the government made them pay more taxes and prohibited them to wear Arab clothes and speak a language other than Spanish. Because of the suppression, the Moor residents of Granada rebelled against the Spanish but they were not successful and these Arabs were expelled from the city.

Granada History- 20th Century

In the 1920s Granada was becoming the heart of Spain’s artistic movement where some of the well-known artists lived. By the 1930s, it was affected by the wavering politics of Spain and the Civil War which broke out in 1936 and ended in 1939. At present, the modern city of Granada draws international conventions. The International Music and Dance Festival is celebrated yearly in commemoration of Granada’s History. Read more about wonderful cities in Spain like those found in Murcia History.

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