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Bucharest Nightlife, Romania

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and one of the largest cities in South-Eastern Europe. The last thing you should do when traveling in Bucharest is to spend your night in the hotel room; because Bucharest nightlife is legendary. Romanian cities like Iasi or Timisoara are well known for their flamboyant nightlife, but Bucharest remains the city where the trends are set, where the most exclusivist clubs are opened and international music stars are holding their concerts.

Bucharest Nightlife – Restaurants

You will find all existent delicacies in Bucharest high-class restaurants, frequented by celebrities, politicians and nation’s wealthiest people alike. Some would sell their own mother just to get the chance to dine in the exquisite atmosphere of Aquarium, Arcade, Heritage, La Bastille, or Casa Vernescu. Many Bucharest hotels have top-rated restaurants, with a refined selection of international dishes and world-renowned chefs. Fast food in Bucharest is a little pricier than in other Romanian cities, but the food is very tasty and some of these places are really big (dozens of tables plus patios): Spring Time, Dream Pizza, Atheneum, Pescarus.

Bucharest Nightlife – Bars and Clubs

When the city lights are turned on, Bucharest streets are invaded by cheerful groups and hurried taxis, in search for the latest club and hottest gig. Bucharest clubs have a tradition in breeding talented musicians; places like Club A, La Motoare, Club 32B, Green Hours, Fire Club have been the pillars of Bucharest contemporary music scene for many years now. As for Bucharest dance clubs, they are definitely worth a visit; if not for the sake of good techno music, at least for the chance to meet some local celebrities and socialites. Just remember to dress fancy as clubs like Bamboo, The Office, Club Twice or Kristal Glam can be pretty selective in terms of clientele.

Bucharest Nightlife – Cultural Events

If there’s one place in Romania where it’s impossible to get bored, that’s for sure Bucharest. Although most theatre plays are in Romanian, there are high chances to run into some experimental theatre representation that is spoken in English – if you won’t find it in main theaters like TNB (Bucharest National Theatre), Teatrul Mic, Teatrul Nottara, then is for sure taking place in some standup comedy club or literary café. The Athenaeum is definitely a must on your list of Bucharest nightlife attractions: theatre might represent a language barrier, but the language of music is universal. Keep your eyes and ears open for events: there’s always something going on: street manifestations, gigs, food fairs, celebrations: just check the ads or event brochures that are given for free.

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Bucharest City Ratings

  • Rating84%
    City Rank116
  • History & Culture: rated for 90%
  • Night Life & Entertainment: rated for 97%
  • Family & Fun: rated for 73%
  • Outdoors Activities: rated for 80%
  • Food: rated for 93%
  • Sightseeing: rated for 87%
  • Shopping: rated for 80%
  • Public Transportation: rated for 77%
  • Must visit this place: rated for 75%
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