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Quetta History, Pakistan

Quetta, Pakistan – History

Quetta is a capital city in the Province of Baluchistan, Pakistan. The word Quetta derives from Kuatta, which means a fort in Pashtu language. The city of Quetta is surrounded by hills from all sides. There are no historical evidences for the first settlements in the city of Quetta. Some historians say that it was first settled in the 6th century and Afghans and Brahuis are amongst the most recent immigrants in this area. Punjabi's also started their settlement in this area in the 1900s. Before the Independence in 1947, Quetta was a small town. The history, culture and traditions of Quetta have been preserved in the museums. Previously, the city of Quetta was a part of the Sassanid Persian Empire. It was also a part of Rashidun Caliphate when Muslims conquered this region. Quetta has been ruled by Umayyad and Abassid for many years. In 1543, the Mughal emperor Humayun has lived here for many years. The city of Quetta was ruled by Mughal Emperors for many years until 1556. Later, Persians took over from Mughals but it was retaken in 1595. Khans of Kalat built a popular fort here. After the end of Mughal Empire, Quetta came under British Control.

Robert Groves Sandeman was appointed the first political agent in this area. Under the British rule, Quetta became the center of political and trading activities. A military base was also established here. Before the great Earthquake of 1935, the city of Quetta was a bustling city. There were many buildings of historical importance. All were destroyed in this earthquake. More than 50,000 people were killed in this earthquake. After this great destruction, new houses were built and most of them had only one floor.

In the following years,the Kasi Tribe contributed in the development of the city. Many other tribes from Afghanistan, Indian and different parts of Pakistan also migrated to Quetta. After the Independence of Pakistan, the city of Quetta witnessed industrial, educational, institutional and economical growth. During the Afghan-Russia War, a large number of Afghan Refugees migrated to Quetta. Many of them are still settled here. The process of settlement continues to grow in Quetta till date.

Pashtuns are the dominant part of the population. Others include Baloch, Punjabis, Sindhis, Mohajirs and Hazaras. Quetta is also regarded as one of the best tourist attractions for its historical and cultural monuments and buildings. Some of the most popular historical places in Quetta include St. Mary's church, Hanna Lake and Pishin etc.

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