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Koln, Germany - Overview

Koln is also known as Cologne and outside Europe the latter is the spelling that you will see more often.  Cologne is not a city that people tend to think about often when thinking about Germany, unless they mention it in passing.  When people travel to Germany, the cities that normally come up are cities like Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg and Munich, mainly because those cities have been part of so much history that there is so much to directly do and see in them that people sometimes forget Germany is home to many other fantastic cities with Cologne being one of them.

Cologne is a city that is very easily accessible, no matter what your travel budget happens to be.  You can get into Cologne through multiple airport options and you can also get to the city by train, car and bus.  It is important to note however that the Germans have begun cracking down on emissions and for that reason if you would like to drive a car into the city, it needs to be certified as being a low emissions car to be allowed in.  If this certification is not there, you will be stopped, turned around and sent back on your way regardless of what your business in Cologne is.  There have been a couple of celebrated cases under this and it is definitely enough to know that the city means business.

One thing that you'll find about Cologne is that it is a city of culture.  Berlin and Bonn are cities of history, known because of the politics, while Hamburg and Munich are cities identified with bits and pieces of everything German.  Cologne on the other hand is almost purely a cultural and historical city and the overwhelming majority of its attractions from breathtaking architecture to fantastic museums are all testaments to that aspect of the city.  In Cologne you will see marvellous churches, informative museums and historical bits and pieces that will show you just how deep those cultural roots extend within the city.  If you want to find a city that is uniquely German while at the same time showing people the German cultural points that are often overlooked in visits to other cities, Cologne is definitely the place to be.

Demographically, it is also a city that is worth taking note of.  It is the fourth largest city in Germany and it is larger than Bonn, a city that almost everyone has heard of because of its historical significance.

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  • WazlingCologne, the city of Roman ruins
    review by Wazling posted more then 30 days ago
    Cologne is one of the oldest cities in germany and nice to look at. There you can barely see history in every part of the normal life. A lot of ancient roman buildings are partly preserved and can still be seen. Also a great historic museum in the center shows a wide variety of findings from all...
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  • WazlingThe roman waterpipe
    travel tip by Wazling posted more then 30 days ago
    If you like walking, travel along the trace of the old roman waterpipe, nearly 100km long. You can enjoy a nice nature and see the leftovers of roman 'high tech'.
  • WazlingVisit the roman germanic museum
    travel tip by Wazling posted more then 30 days ago
    If you are historically interested, you should visit the roman germanic museum of cologne. It has got to offer you a huge variety of roman remnants, findings and other things. It´s definitely worth a visit!
  • maryThe great festival of Köln
    travel tip by mary posted more then 30 days ago
    When you are want to Köln, you can go to a great festival in february. This festival is one of the biggest in europa.
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Koln City Ratings

  • Rating57%
    City Rank308
  • History & Culture: rated for 67%
  • Night Life & Entertainment: rated for 70%
  • Family & Fun: rated for 53%
  • Outdoors Activities: rated for 43%
  • Food: rated for 53%
  • Sightseeing: rated for 47%
  • Shopping: rated for 60%
  • Public Transportation: rated for 63%
  • Must visit this place: rated for 70%
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