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August 6, 1996
Home town:
Ravensburg, Germany
countries visited:
France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Austria
favorite places:
koh tao, ravensburg, kopipi

Native language:German Webpage:i haven't got one Occupation:pupil Interests:football,animals, my friends Slogan:you are totally gaga Description:i´m crazy, but nice too. 
Languages:English, Russian Eye color:blue Hair Color:dark blond Height:5'2" / 158cm Weight:95lbs / 43kg Smoke:no Religion:orthodox Favorite cities:koh tao, ravensburg, kopipi Favorite books:twilight, new moon, eclipse Favorite movies:starsky& hutch, harry potter, pear harbor Favorite music:pop, rock, punk, rap 

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Ravensburg läuft, by mary

Ravensburg läuft

 (images 0)
"Das ist ein Tag, wo alle Schulen einen Staffellauf machen."
Last updated on Jun 28, 2009
Meine Fahrt nach Rom, by mary

Meine Fahrt nach Rom

 (images 0)
"Dieser Reiseblog erzählt von meiner Reise nach Rom."
Last updated on Jun 11, 2009

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1. Was zu tun ist in Tjumen (added on Sep 2, 2009)
2. Sie müssen sehen Peniscola (added on Sep 1, 2009)
3. Meinem Besuch in Mexiko (added on Jul 30, 2009)
4. Die beste Orte in Indien (added on Jul 30, 2009)
5. Zehn Gründe füe einen Besuch in Campli (added on Jul 10, 2009)

Mary's Travel Tips

1. Zirkus in Tjumen - Tjumen, Russia (added on Sep 3, 2009)
2. Zirkus und Rummel - Tjumen, Russia (added on Aug 12, 2009)
3. Museen, Theater und Rathaus - Konstanz, Germany (added on Jul 30, 2009)
4. Geschichte und Kultur - Saint Petersburg, Russia (added on Jul 30, 2009)
5. Strand und Rastaurants - Masandra, Ukraine (added on Jul 30, 2009)
6. Nahe von Immenstaad - Immenstaad, Germany (added on Jul 20, 2009)
7. Der schöne See von Langenargen - Langenargen, Germany (added on Jul 3, 2009)
8. The beautiful beach of Ostia - Ostia Antica, Italy (added on Jun 21, 2009)
9. Die Sehenswürdigkeiten von Rom - Rome, Italy (added on Jun 6, 2009)
10. Tutto Pizza - Rome, Italy (added on Jun 6, 2009)
11. IKEA - shop for furniture - Ulm, Germany (added on May 4, 2009)
12. Visit the beautiful castle - Langenargen, Germany (added on Apr 15, 2009)
13. Schloss Schwanstein - Fussen, Germany (added on Apr 15, 2009)
14. Disneyland resort - Paris, France (added on Apr 15, 2009)
15. Ski-drive - Bergun, Switzerland (added on Apr 15, 2009)
16. The great swimminghall - Uberlingen, Germany (added on Apr 14, 2009)
17. The great festival of Köln - Koln, Germany (added on Apr 14, 2009)
18. Le Venix hotel of Bangkok - Bangkok, Thailand (added on Apr 14, 2009)
19. The Rutenfest festival - Ravensburg, Germany (added on Apr 13, 2009)

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