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Nice History, France

The History of Nice, France is interesting and has a rich historical account. This was developed at around 400,000 years past and the Terra Amata illustrates proof of the oldest structure of houses.

Phocaeans of the Marseilles have founded Nice approximately 2,000 years ago. The city has acknowledged its name in admiration of the triumphs made with neighboring Ligurians. Later on, it became a very busy trading station for Ligurian coast but had made a significant rival in the municipality of Cemenelum that continuously existed until the moment of Lombard invasions. Nice participated in the union of Genoese that was created through the united cities of Liguria during the 7th century. At certain stages of the mid century, Nice declared war with Italy. As a supporter of Pisa, it has become the opponent of Genoa, and the king as well as the emperor of France attempted to conquer it, but the municipality maintained its liberty.

The war between Charles V and Francis I caused several damages to some provinces where people experienced famine for many years. It was in 1543, that the united forces formed by Francis I as well as Barbarossa attacked Nice and, in spite of the admirable courage of the inhabitants to force away the attack, a terrible bombardment was successfully done by the Barbarossa, forcing the people to surrender. This allowed them to rob the city where 2,500 were put in prison.

In 1626, when the full freedom for trade has been proclaimed to almost all nations, Charles Emmanuel introduced commerce to the city. In 1691, Nice was captured by Catinat and was reinstated to Savoy in year 1696, yet in 1705, it was once more besieged with the French. In 1713, with the effort made by the treaty of Utrecht, the city was given back to Savoy and has built a new town for the following peaceful years.

Different hands have ruled Nice, for the next four hundred years. The new Republic of France has controlled Nice the following 22 years. But, In spite of all the struggles encountered by the people of Nice, their city is now considered as the richest among all other cities.

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