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Yamoussoukro Travel Guide, Cote D'Ivoire

Yamoussoukro, Travel guide – Location

Yamoussoukro is located in western Africa and is the capital city of Cote D’Ivoire. Yamoussoukro travel guide will present a few basic facts about the city.

Yamoussoukro, Travel guide – Geography

Yamoussoukro is set in a plain area in central Cote D’Ivoire at an average elevation of 200m. Local topography is a monotone one, the only characteristic features being the isolated inselbergs, remains of former mountains.

The city has a moist equatorial climate characterized by the presence of a dry season between November and Mars and a moist season for the rest of the year. Average temperatures range between 25ºC and 30ºC and precipitation reach their maximum in June and September. The best time to visit the city is during the dry season because usually the moisture is low; during the rainy season the moisture added to high temperatures can make you uncomfortable.

The main local water flows are the Marahouet River and the N’zi River, both tributaries to Bandana River and very important in local economy and culture.

Yamoussoukro, Travel guide – Flora and Fauna

Within the city flora is represented by several cultivated species for decorative purposes like palm trees, different bushes and flowers. The original vegetation in this area used to be the savannah with its tall grasses interrupted by few isolated of trees and the gallery forests along the water flows. Most of the trees in this part of Africa are acacias, palm trees, prickly pear, rubber vine while the grasses are usually made up of graminaceous species. The savannah houses numerous grazing animals and their predators like the gazelle, zebras, antelopes, lions, hippos, giraffes and so on.

Yamoussoukro, Travel guide – Transport

Yamoussoukro is one of the most important transport centers in Cote D’Ivoire having its own international airport and being crossed by important national roads. In spite of these facts, the transport infrastructure remains poorly developed with only a small number of paved roads and no railway crossing the city.

Within the city tourists do not have too many options regarding the public transportation; they can only travel by bus or taxis which are plenty at reasonable prices.

Yamoussoukro, Travel guide – Population and Economy

Yamoussoukro has about 200.000 inhabitants, so it is neither big for a capital city nor very modern. Only half of the city is urbanized the rest living in poor conditions and having as main occupation agriculture, crafts and livestock. The population is mainly made up of women who represent more than half of the population and of young people which are also dominating. The dominating nationalities in the city are the Akoue, Zigli and Gban and the main religions are the Animist, Muslim and Christian.

Local economy is mainly based on the service sectors, light industry, agriculture and commerce. Agriculture especially produces and exports throughout the world coffee and cocoa, but it also produces cotton, rubber from the rubber trees, palm oil from the palms and more. Livestock is also another important occupation due to the presence of the savannah and its endless grazing areas as well as crafts, people continuing a tradition in creating different decorative objects which are then exported.

Yamoussoukro, Travel guide – Cuisine

Due to the country strong relations with France, one can enjoy in Yamoussoukro the best French and European cuisine in Africa. Besides the European treats, here one can taste unique combinations of fruits with chilly, peanuts and sugar, meat and fruits and other such mixes. Tourists will find here traditional dishes like the coconut pit pit made with the plant pit pit and served with a mix of steamed onions, ginger, tomatoes and coconut milk, kedjenou which is chicken meat cooked in ceramic dishes, attieke and meat which is made with the boiled cereal attieke and a stew made of lamb or chicken meat with lots of vegetables and saffron. The desserts are also an important part of the local cuisine and are usually made with local fruits in combination with cream cheese, plantains, peanuts and more.

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