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Virginia Travel Guide
Virginia Travel Guide
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Virginia Travel Guide

Virginia Travel: General Information

The Commonwealth of Virginia is the birthplace of 8 Presidents of the US and is known as “Old Dominion” and the “Mother of Presidents”. Virginia was founded by Virginia Company of London in 1607 and was formerly known as Virginia Colony. This state has beautiful and majestic terrain with mountains, rivers, plateaus, estuaries, plains and valleys. Thousands of caves exist for tourists to explore. The forests here a home to many species of wildlife. Much of the flora and fauna are found in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Chesapeake Bay region of the state.

Virginia Travel: Key Facts

Capital: Richmond

Area: 42,774 sq mi

Population: 7,769,089 in 2008

Monetary Unit: US Dollars

Official Language: English

International Dial Code: 1 804

Virginia US Travel: Popular Tourist Destinations

  • Richmond: This city has many of the American Civil War landmarks that include the White House of the Confederacy and the Virginia State Capitol. Other attractions of historic importance include John Marshall house and the St John’s Church. Virginia is home to Fortune 500 companies, six of which are head quartered in this city. Significant art galleries and museums here are ranked among the best in the country. The classical movie theatre – The Byrd Theatre in Cary town is popular among the youth.
  • Virginia Beach: Known as America’s First Region, this is a resort city with miles of sunny beaches and hundreds of excellent hotels, restaurants, and motels along its famous waterfront. State Parks, protected beach areas, military bases, two excellent universities, a large number of historic sites and huge corporations make this city an exciting place to visit. An interesting place for the whole family to visit is the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center where one can see brown sharks, sting rays, and sea turtles.

Virginia Travel: Economy and Infrastructure

Virginia’s economy is balanced with different sources of income. Computer chips are the state’s highest export item. Software and communication technology have contributed to the state’s revenue. Economy in Southern Virginia is based on the farming of tobacco, cattle and peanuts as well as military installations. Oysters form a part of the Chesapeake Bay economy and Vineyards and Wineries in Northern Neck and the Blue Ridge Mountains generate income and are tourist attractions.

Well planned transportation systems make this state one of the best in the nation. Excellent roadways and rail services connect various cities. The Pew Center on the States ranks Virginia’s modern government with an “A” because of its effective infrastructure.

Virginia Travel: Culture

Virginia’s culture has many heritages. Besides the general Southern cuisine, Virginia has its own well preserved traditions. Its wine, ham (that is protected by law and can only be made in Smithfield), architecture, and furniture are typically the colonial American type. Virginia State Fair is among the most popular festivals celebrated in the state.


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