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Kansas Travel Guide
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Kansas Travel Guide

Kansas (surnamed as The Sunflower State) is a central state of the United States of America – in fact the center of the U.S. is marked here by a monument -, bordered by Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma and Colorado. Its name comes from the Sioux Indian “Kansa” meaning “the people from the south wind”. Its surface is quite large (ranked as the 15th state – 213, 283km²) and is ranked as the 32th state with 2, 688,418 inhabitants. Its capital is Topeka but Wichita has the biggest population – 361,000 inhabitants; other main cities are Kansas City, Lawrence and Winfield.

Kansas remains an important agricultural state – it is the first wheat producer of the Unites States (it is also known as the Wheat State). Other vegetal crops are: corn, soya, and sorghum. Its soil has important oil reserves as well as gas and rock salt. The industry is represented by machine tools and airplanes.

Kansas has 9 commercial airports and many are open to private airplanes. The nearest international airport is that of Kansas City, in Missouri, at 25 kilometers from the border between the two states. Kansas is crossed by two main highways: I-70 and I-35.

Home of the Wizard of Oz, Kansas welcomes its tourists in a friendly, joyful and peaceful atmosphere.


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