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A complete guide to bike trip in ladakh, Lehr, India

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Distance from city center: 1390.4mi
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added on the 17th of May, 2018
On planning to visit Leh Ladakh via bike ride from Manali, then the best time would be June to September. You may need to travel at least 2 days by road. However, there will be adequate stops in between available to rest. The Leh – Manali highway is 469 kms journey. You can find many bikers both from India and foreign countries here to enjoy their thrill of bike trip. Your patience and hardship will definitely be tested on your bike ride to this hill destination. Undoubtedly, this will be the world’s most extreme road trips you have ever seen in your life. If you are striving to enjoy the most spectacular and scenic bike ride in the world, then Leh Ladakh will be the best one to choose.

General tips for bike trip
1. Are you conditioned for such an endurance ride?
2. You should plan to complete the trip before the monsoons hit.
3. Do you have plans for escort vehicle in case your bike needs repairs/replacements?
4. How do you plan to carry your luggage?
5. I hope you are not planning to ride at night.
6. Get yourselves a complete health checkup before setting out.
7. Be prepared to tackle AMS.
8. Get yourselves good riding gear (helmets, knee and elbow guards, weatherproof gloves, shoes and proper riding jacket, reflective clothing, sunglasses)
9. Get your bike properly serviced before the trip and ride sensibly and carefully
10. Keep yourselves hydrated during the ride
11. Have first aid kit handy
12. Keep nutrition bars, chocolates, fruits and nuts handy
13. Plan your itinerary and identify night halts and backup night halts along the route.
14. Finally, be prepared to quit and return home if things get too demanding or difficult.

City center

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Through Bike, Bus, Train or Aeroplane.

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