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Rhode Island Travel Guide
Rhode Island Travel Guide
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Rhode Island Travel Guide

Rhode Island Travel: General Information

Rhode Island’s over 600 km of coastline saw the emergence of Newport city as a summer resort for the rich and the famous as early as the 19th century. Newport’s popularity has not shown any signs of waning even today and visitors continue to arrive in waves to lap up the pleasures that the 100 or so beaches and the surrounding waters offer. Although Rhode Island is known as ‘The Ocean State’ because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Narragansett Bay, the smallest state of USA has at least 60% of the land under forest-cover – woodlands that promise a wide range of activities. And then, there is the university town of Providence, which is as much famous for its historic importance and cultural heritage as for its hosts of restaurants, bars and nightlife. Gambling and casinos present an interesting and important aspect of Rhode Island travel. To add to your to-do-list in Rhode Island, there is the state’s unusual cookery to taste – just try the varied fare, otherwise your tour will be incomplete.

Rhode Island Travel: Key Facts

Capital City: Providence

Area: 4,002 sq km

Population: 1,050,788

Monetary Unit: USD

Official Language: English

Rhode Island Travel: Popular Tourist Destinations

Providence: Providence, the state capital, is the main draw of Rhode Island tourism. Providence has many historic and cultural attractions like the State Capitol building and a whole host of colonial buildings – some private mansions/houses and some public buildings. Besides, the city is home to some of the most prestigious universities and colleges like the Brown University and Art Museum and the Rhode Island School of Design Museum. Other points of interest like the Waterplace Park and Roger Williams Park Zoo are loved across age-groups and interest-groups. Providence’s hip bars and restaurants make it a gourmand’s paradise.

Newport: Newport city is America’s first resort city that is equally famous for its beach activities/water-sports and its 19th century built summer-villas of America’s elite. Other area attractions include natural sights like the Block Island and cultural sights like the Museum of Newport History, Museum of Yachting and Touro Synagogue. The Newport Casino that houses the International Tennis Hall of Fame is no less than a pilgrimage for tennis fans. And then, there are Newport’s many musical festivals, its trendy bars and restaurants to further add to the popularity of the city.

Other Popular Destinations: Rhode Island offers much more to tourists – its many water-front beaches, off-shore islands and its protected state parks that fascinate as much with their scenic appeal as with their lures of interesting activities.

Rhode Island Travel: Economy and Infrastructure

Rhode Island, in spite of being the smallest state of the United States, has long been a leading manufacturer of a variety of products including textiles, jewelry, silverware, machinery and equipments as well as rubber/plastic-made products. Today, although the manufacturing industry continues to contribute to the state’s economy, Rhode Island now also has a robust services sector apart from other key industries like Tourism and gambling. Like in earlier times, farming and fishing are still important.

Rhode Island’s transportation infrastructure has been bolstered by a number of bridges that connect the off-shore islands to the mainland. Rhode Island is served by the T.F. Green Airport; besides, there are a number of Interstate highways and auxiliary highways. You may choose to explore the state on foot, but Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) also arranges tours for you.

Rhode Island Travel: Culture

Rhode Island’s culture is essentially laced with maritime/oceanic overtones; but because the state is home to people belonging to different ancestry groups, Rhode Island’s culture also reveals influences of their distinct cultures. Although you get the feel of this superbly blended culture in the ways people’s life, the best expressions are certainly the culinary-specialties including a variety of sea-food preparations with Italian, Portuguese, Spanish flavors. These savories apart, Rhode Island also specializes in cakes and goodies and a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


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