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North Dakota Travel Guide
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North Dakota Travel Guide

North Dakota offers a relaxing holiday atmosphere in one of the local farms, getting in touch with the rich local culture and hospitality.

North Dakota – Geography

Located in the center of the North American continent, North Dakota has a relatively monotone topography and is strongly marked by the last Ice Age. Also due to its location, the state has a predominant continental climate with four seasons and many extremes from one season to another. The lowest temperature in winter was of -51ºC and the highest in summer was of 49ºC. Rainfalls are scarce with about 40-60mm, more abundant in the eastern part of the state which is mostly agricultural and almost inexistent in the west.

The highest point in the state is called White Butte (1069m) and is found in the western Badlands, a place with unusual sand and clay formations and important natural reserves.

The state is crossed by some major rivers like the Missouri River and Red River and also houses the largest natural lake in the state, Devils Lake.

North Dakota – Flora and Fauna

The local flora and fauna is characteristic for each type of topography and can be admired in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park located in the Badlands, Cedar River National Grassland, Dakota Prairie Grasslands or Little Missouri National Grassland. The state flower is the wild Prairie Rose and the state tree is the American Elm, both present in the above mentioned protected areas.

North Dakota – Population

The state has a predominantly rural character with many farms and a small number of cities. The capital city is Bismarck, a picturesque town along the Missouri River with many green parks but busy traffic. In spite of all these details the capital city is not the most populous in the state but Fargo is.

Most of the locals work in agriculture and industry, the state being a leader in cultivating wheat.

North Dakota - Tips for Tourists

In order to spend some time in North Dakota you must know that a visa is required for almost any nationality, and also a valid machine readable passport. Some nationalities need also return or onward destination tickets. Visas should be obtained before departure by contacting a local embassy or a local consulate office.

The regional currency is the American dollar which can be converted at any local bank, hotel or exchange office.

North Dakota – Transport

Transportation in North Dakota is well represented by numerous highways and roads, railways and airports. Within major cities travelers can choose the urban public transportation, taxis or rent a car services.

The state has several international airports the most important being the Hector International Airport from Fargo, Grand Forks International Airport and the Minot International Airport.

North Dakota - Resorts

North Dakota is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your family or friends and relax with some of the many outdoor seasonal activities like fishing, hunting, hiking, horseback riding or snowmobiling.

If you want to capture some of the local atmosphere and traditions then the picturesque Melsted Place Bed & Breakfast is the perfect spot to stay. The lodge offers you the authentic atmosphere from a local farm, great landscape over the Red River and luxurious accommodation. Besides the fully equipped rooms, excellent cuisine and numerous facilities, the lodge organizes countryside trips, hunting and fishing trips or hiking trips in the nearby wooded area.

Another great place to spend your vacation is the Devils Lake and the best accommodation in the area is offered by Ackerman Acres. They offer fully equipped cabins with a gorgeous view over the lake, private lake access and also organize hunting and fishing trips. There is also a sandy beach on the lake’s shore perfect for relaxing or for kids to play. For the most adventurous ones there is also the camping option. Ashley RV Park could be a good option due to its pleasant location in prairie grassland and possible seasonal activities. There are also numerous trips organized here for bird watchers, hunters, fishermen and more.

No matter your choice in matters of destination, North Dakota will surely impress you with its simplicity and natural beauty.


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