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Nebraska Travel Guide
Nebraska Travel Guide
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Nebraska Travel Guide

Nebraska Travel Guide – Overview

If you are on holiday in the US state of Nebraska or simply just in transit through the state, it is worth to know that Nebraska offers great deals of facilities for a dreamful holiday by providing the best accommodation and leisure amenities as well as a lot of interesting things to be seen and explored indeed.

The main goal of this Nebraska Travel Guide is just to emphasize that the plain land of Nebraska is also able to offer picturesque landscapes for hiking and exploring its beauties. Scotts Bluff National Monument, which are big rock formations right in the middle of flat land, or the 500 feet tall stone pillars known as the Chimney Rock National Historic Site still amaze the travelers by marking the end of the prairies and the beginning of the first formations of the Rocky Mountains.

A journey of exploring the Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park or following the Oregon Trail for walking in the footsteps of the pioneers, are only a few of Nebraska’s attractions.

Nebraska Travel Guide – Geography

Nebraska is a landlocked state situated on the Great Plains in the midwestern part of the USA. Bordered by Wyoming to the west, Soth Dakota to the east, Iowa to the east, Missouri to the southeast and Kansas to the south, the state of Nebraska occupies the central part of the Frontier Strip, being divided into two time zones: the Central Time zone and the Mountain Time zone.

With a population estimated at about 1,783,432 inhabitants in 2008, Nebraska is divided into 93 counties. The capital city of the state is Lincoln and the largest city is Omaha, concentrating 438,646 inhabitants.

Nebraska’s territory consists of two major land regions, the Dissected Till Plains, which is a region with softly rolling hills as a result of the glaciers retreating, and the Great Plains, which occupy most of the western region and include the Sandhills, the Pine Ridge, the Rainwater Basin, the High Plains and the Wildcat Hills.

The state of Nebraska is crossed by three major rivers: the Platte River flowing through its center, the Niobrara River running in the north and the Republican River flowing through the southern region.

Nebraska Travel Guide – Climate

Nebraska has two kinds of climate according to its territory’s landmass. Generally Nebraska is represented by hot summers and cold winters experiencing wide seasonal variations in both temperatures and precipitation decreasing from east to west. Snowfalls are due in wintertime covering most of the state’s territory reaching a snow blanket of even 900 mm thick.

Nebraska Travel Guide – Lincoln, the Capital City of Nebraska

Lincoln, the capital city of the state, is one of the few large cities which are not located alongside the Platte River or the Missouri River. It has its origin near flat saline wetlands of northern Lancaster County and its recent growth made it expand on the surrounding land comprising some gently rolling hills. That’s why its name is associated with the ”salt village”, for Salt Creek, the former center of the city.

Lincoln’s landmark is the Nebraska State Capitol, one of the most impressive statehouses in the USA, an imposing skyscraper with a golden dome on its top. Rising 34 stories and being the most distinctive Capitol building in North America, it is the seat of the Nebraska Legislature and home of some important government offices.

Nebraska Travel Guide – Omaha, the Largest City of Nebraska

The city of Omaha is known as being the largest city in the US state of Nebraska. Concentrating a population of about 438,646 inhabitants, Omaha lies on the Missouri River and it is also the county seat of Douglas County. Omaha is the home of some notorious landmarks as it has plenty of residential, commercial, religious and locally significant historical buildings as part of the city’s legacy. It is also famous for its historic districts such as Fort Omaha Historic District, Gold Coast Historic District, Bemis Park Historic District and many other historic districts, all of them enlisted on the National Register.


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