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Massachusetts Travel Guide
Massachusetts Travel Guide
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Massachusetts Travel Guide

Massachusetts, in a rough translation meaning “at the range of hills”, is located in the northeast of the United States on a small area having around 6,5 million inhabitants which makes it the most populated in New England. It is divided in 14 counties having 53 cities and almost 300 towns.

The state is rich in forests that cover 62% of its area and host numerous wildlife among which the coyote, raccoon, moose, etc

Boston’s metropolitan area is the most important urban centre, Boston being the capital city of the state.

The first European settlers were the English who looked for religious freedom. They established three important settlements, Boston being among them. The state was soon known to be as the Cradle of Freedom due to the revolutionary spirit of its inhabitants.

Its economy was based on agriculture and manufacturing and was a prosperous one, but in the 20th century it went into decline, but came round in 1970 with the high-tech industry and educational institutions that kept becoming more and more prosperous.

Most of the present inhabitants embrace the religion of Roman Catholicism, 44% of them, even if the first settlers were puritans. Protestants still occupy a high position as a fourth of the population are Protestants.

The most popular outdoor activities are sailing, yachting, hiking, skiing, fishing and hunting.


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