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Maryland Travel Guide
Maryland Travel Guide
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Maryland Travel Guide

Situated in the Mid Alantic region, Maryland is similar in size to Belgium and the standard of living is pretty high. Its economy is based on services, transport, bioresearch, food production, agriculture, manufacturing of computer equipments and other.

Even if it is pretty small in size the state experienced many types of climate including humid subtropical and maritime temperate. Tornados occur around six times a year. Temperatures range according to the type of landscape.

Some of the advantages presented by the state that can be appealing to most tourists as there is a wide variety of landscapes ranging from hills to forests and marshlands, nevertheless the state lacks natural lakes. This fact is compensated by the many manmade lakes.

The most populated city in the state is not its capital Annapolis as one might expect, but Baltimore.

The foundation of the state was based on the idea of creating a heaven for Roman Catholics, and even if this religion was neither politically encouraged nor sustained by the immigrants, it still succeeded to remain the main religion embraced by 23% of the inhabitants. The largest percentage is held by Protestants, 56%.

The main interstates are I-70, I-90, I-83, I-81 and I-97 and the state is served by Baltimore-Washington airport.


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