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Wyoming Travel Guide
Wyoming Travel Guide
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Wyoming Travel Guide

Wyoming is the home of the Shoshone and Arapaho Indian tribes, cowboys and also the state that houses 96% of the USA’s largest national park, Yellowstone, a dream for the naturalists and a great recreational spot for holidaymakers.

Wyoming – Geography

Wyoming is located in the north western part of the United States of America and its borders are represented by lines of latitude and longitude. The state’s general climate is dry and windy with temperatures and precipitations varying according to elevation. Still, there are four distinct seasons, with small differences according to regional topography and a characteristic season of these lands, a so called “Indian Summer” with warm days and cool nights. The landscape is so diverse that for example the mountainous area with its highest peak in Gannett Peak (4207m) is covered with coniferous and alpine vegetation, the prairies with their characteristic grass, while the western lowland is a desert, so you can find totally different types of topography, all on the territory of a single state.

There are also a number of rivers crossing these lands like the Yellowstone River, Green River and Snake River, all of them offering great conditions for many related activities.

Wyoming – Flora and Fauna

Wyoming has a huge variety of fauna and flora species, mostly because of the diverse topography. The state houses most of the largest, best known and oldest protected area in the country, the Yellowstone National Park. The park is famous for its volcano, geysers, canyons, the Petrified Forest, waterfalls and many wild animal species.

There is another important protected area that can be visited here, the Grand Teton National Park, offering spectacular landscapes and a rich wildlife.

Wyoming – Population

Wyoming has a very low population density due to the fact that most of its territory is occupied by national parks and other types of protected areas. The state had in 2005 a population of only 509.000 people, most of them living neat the capital city of Cheyenne, an important industrial, cultural and military center.

The actual settlement of the city was chosen due to its strategic position, a thing that was going to be demonstrated later through the amazing development of the city.

Wyoming – Tips for Tourists

If you decide to travel to Wyoming you must know that some nationalities must have an entry visa and a valid machine-readable passport. For more exact information anyone who will travel here should contact a local embassy or consulate office.

The regional currency is the US dollar that can be converted at any bank, currency exchange office or hotel.

Wyoming – Transport

Like all US states, Wyoming has a well developed transport system in spite of the large surfaces of rough terrain. The state is crossed by one of the oldest railroads in the country, by three important highways and has an international airport, the Jackson Hole International Airport.

Wyoming – Resorts

Wyoming is a great holiday destination for both families and adventurers, offering many recreational spots, beautiful landscapes and numerous options for outdoor activities. If you want to visit the capital city of Cheyenne then the Candlewood Suites are the perfect accommodation spot for you. The hotel offers numerous facilities from free parking, internet access, conference room, air conditioning, barbecue grills and more. The rooms are cozy and full of light with a modern design and high quality service.

For a weekend in nature you can choose the Buffalo Bill Village Cabins, near the town of Cody. The 80 cowboy style cabins offer good accommodation and quite numerous facilities like international restaurant, swimming pool, internet and endless possibilities to spend some time in nature. The most popular outdoor activities here are rafting, horseback riding, rowing, canoeing and trips in the neighboring Yellowstone National Park.

Wyoming as a travel destination will offer you most certainly the time of your life. The numerous natural attractions, rich cultural heritage, and adventures found at each step are just a few things that will help any traveler spend a wonderful holiday.


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