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Oklahoma Travel Guide
Oklahoma Travel Guide
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Oklahoma Travel Guide

Oklahoma Travel: General Information

Oklahoma State, also known as the Sooner State, has the second highest Native Indian populace in the US; various cultural events and festivals like Powwows and Craft fairs, etc. are held in Oklahoma and these should interest you irrespective of whether you are a keen follower of ethnic Indian culture or not. Besides, a number of Oklahoma cultural celebrations also commemorate the Cowboy history and African-American heritage of the State; so there is much to see and enjoy in Oklahoma from the cultural aspect. And then, there is Oklahoma’s topographical and ecological diversity along with its abundant flora and fauna, making it a favorite haunt among Nature lovers. There is enough scope for different outdoor activities – engage in skillful pursuit like fly-fishing or try some adventurous pastime like equestrian or car-racing. Visiting the cities will just be fine if worldly pleasures are all you look forward to in your vacations.

Oklahoma Travel: Key Facts

Capital City: Oklahoma City

Area: 181,195 sq km

Population: 3,642,361

Monetary Unit: USD

Official Language: English

Oklahoma Travel: Popular Tourist Destinations

  • Oklahoma City: Being both the capital and the largest city of Oklahoma State, Oklahoma City has some splendid architectural structures like the Oklahoma State Capitol and the City Hall but the city’s biggest appeal are the equestrian-events held round the year. The city has many amusement parks, museums and historic centers; the Myriad Botanical Gardens with its Crystal Bridge conservatory is a must-see. The Paseo Arts District is famous for its galleries and studios. Bricktown neighborhood, with its water-taxi rides and restaurants offering strictly American fares, is a huge draw. Children will like meeting real-life cowboys at the Stockyards area.
  • Tulsa: Tulsa, the second-largest city of Oklahoma State, has some of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in USA like the Boston Avenue Methodist Church and the Philtower. Tulsa’s tallest structure, the 52-floor BOK Tower has many similarities with the demolished twin towers of World Trade Center. Tulsa has a thriving art-scenario, with professional ballet and opera companies as well as artistic/cultural centers. Tulsa also has two world-renowned museums, the Philbrook Museum and the Gilcrease Museum. There are many picnic-spots, camping-sites, biking/hiking trails and golf-courses in Tulsa.
  • Other Popular Destinations: Oklahoma State is full of sophisticated cities and picturesque towns. In addition, there are the state’s natural wonders like the four mountain ranges and its 200 lakes (natural as well as man-made), its mesas and canyons, its national parks and protected forests. US Route-66 is an attraction in itself – a historic attraction.

Oklahoma Travel: Economy and Infrastructure

Oklahoma is one of USA’s economically advanced states. Although its initial success was achieved by means of the state’s oil wealth, now Oklahoma is a leading natural gas producer of USA. A number of other minerals like coal, copper, silver, etc. are also mined from Oklahoma. Agriculture is practiced in Oklahoma and the various crop-produces include wheat, cotton, peanuts, etc. along with various farm-produces like dairy products, livestock and poultry. Oklahoma’s chief industries are chiefly engaged in food processing and packaging, mineral processing, energy production, telecommunications, etc. Oklahoma is an important center of aircraft manufacturing. The state also has a thriving business sector.

Oklahoma’s excellent transportation and communication infrastructures, together with its different public utilities services have always been a boon for the state and its inhabitants.

Oklahoma Travel: Culture

Oklahoma has a rich and varied culture that at various times has been influenced by different Native American cultures, cowboy or ranch culture and later by the sophistication that oil industry boom brought. While the state’s many history and natural history museums preserve the state’s evolvement at various stages, Oklahoma art museums showcase the cultural influences of the mixed population through their collections of art and artifacts. Oklahoma’s urban centers host various cultural events and festivals to keep alive different cultures’ tradition of music and dance.


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