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Indiana Travel Guide
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Indiana Travel Guide

For those who have never visited the US, the name Indiana will make them think maybe of the film Indiana Jones. While the 19th US state might have little in common with the film, it sure made the name Indiana well known.

For those who know a little bit of geography, the name will definitely lead them to the US state. There is another name connected to it and it is “Hoosier”. That’s the name the state is known by among those who are more familiar with it. The origin of the so called nickname is debatable, but the simple fact that it has one means that it has a history and that people love to talk about it.

What is there to love about the state? Well, fist on the list is the outdoors. There are plenty of parks, nature preserves, reservoirs, in a few words lots of green spaces for all those who enjoy outings and outdoor activities. Then maybe second, you can order them according to your preferences, are the people who made this state famous: Kurt Vonnegut, Jimmy Hoffa, James Dean, Orville Redenbacher, just to name a few. Next on the list are its attractions including Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis Zoo, Indiana Street Festival, Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival and the list can go on.

You can add to it by visiting this lovely state!


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