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Georgia Travel Guide

Georgia was one of the English colonies in North America. It was the last of the 13 colonies founded by Great Britain on the territory of the USA in 1732. Until 1755 when it was made a colony, it was ruled by a board of trustees. In its former size, the territory extended until the Pacific Ocean. Now the state is raked the 24th in size

The territory was made into a James Oglethrope was give the rights by king George II to use the territory. Thus, the territory got its name from the king that granted the rights. Oglethrope created very strict laws that were not favored by many colonists. One of his ideas was to create a state for the worthy poor. His rules slowed somehow the development of the colony but soon he realized he has to be more flexible.

In 1777 after the Declaration of Independence, the eight counties of the state were formed.

Georgia’s industry relies mainly on tourism, agriculture, textiles, food processing. The main religion is Protestantism, 70% of the inhabitants following it.

There is plenty to see in terms of fine arts as the presence of art museums, operas and symphony orchestras, underground art galleries enhance the cultural life of the state.

Its inhabitants are known for their hospitality and holidays like Thanksgiving are very much respected and cherished.


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