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Trinidad And Tobago Travel Guide

Trinidad and Tobago, Travel Guide - General Presentation

I can bet you have always wanted to visit the country where the Carnival is at home and where, for locals, moving the hips on the rhythm of music represents a way of living. I am sure that you have always wanted to feel the vibration of Latino music, of limbo and calypso right where they were heard for the first time. There is no doubt, that you should put in your baggage a Trinidad and Tobago Travel Guide and make all the preparations to get to this amazing place.

This exotic country is made up of two islands, one is bigger and accommodates a larger number of populations, Trinidad, and the other is smaller, but many visitors say that it is more beautiful and calmer. This country is located south of the Caribbean Archipelago, north east of South America.

The official language is English, as it has been once a British colony and the local currency is Trinidad and Tobago dollar.

Trinidad and Tobago, Travel Guide – Places to Visit

The capital of this exotic country is Port of Spain, an amazing city, located on the Gulf of Paria, where you can admire a spectacular view. Once you decide to begin your adventure in this capital, you should definitely begin with the downtown, locally called the “Town”.

Here you will encounter many people walking in a hurry on the busy streets, leading to Woodford Square. If the steps lead you Northway then you can observe the City Hall and the Hall of Justice. If you prefer the west side of the capital, it is there that you will visit the seat of the Parliament and many modern and exquisite restaurants and cafes. This represents the business part of this amazing capital, providing the information you might need about the country’s economy and cost of living.

If one day you get sick and tired of the crowded town and the crazy agitation of the streets, then you can rent a car and visit the most picturesque beaches you have ever seen in your entire life. Maracas Beach is just one example of such a place that will mesmerize you. It is only 45 minutes away from the city and every effort is worthwhile. Besides sunbathing, you can choose from a large number of water sports and also swim in the crystal-clear water.

There are so many places you can visit and so many things you can do in this beautiful country! Just bring along a Trinidad and Tobago Travel Guide and plan every step of this adventure.


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