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Saint Lucia Travel Guide
Saint Lucia Travel Guide
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Saint Lucia Travel Guide

Saint Lucia, Travel Guide - General Presentation

Saint Lucia is an island located in the Caribbean’s, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It has a volcanic landscape, situated at almost 3000 meters above the sea. The capital is Castries and the majority of population is made up of Africans and a mixed minority considered to be descendants of Europeans. Any Saint Lucia Travel Guide will brag about the evolved cultural life of this amazing country, two of its inhabitants having won the Nobel Prize.

Its history is a really agitated and interesting one, as Saint Lucia has been the reason for wars between France and Britain for a long period of time. If the two countries spend time, money and sometimes human lives for conquering this country, Saint Lucia took advantage in time of the often switch of the dominant country, learning what how to rule a developped country. Nowadays Saint Lucia belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations and it is has also adhered to La Francophone.

The official language is English, which represents an advantage for the flourishing tourism and the local currency is East Caribbean Dollar.

Saint Lucia, Travel Guide – What to Do/ Visit

The peak of the tourist season is from January to April, when thousand of visitors invade this tropical country for a week of relaxation.

If you too want to get rid of the stress at work and in your day to day life, Saint Lucia is definitely the best place to do this. The nice weather together with the beautiful and diverse beaches and resorts makes it the perfect destination.

A really unique experience for you would be to hike inside the two volcanoes you can find here. They are safe for exploration; however you should hire a guide to take you there. You should prepare in advance specialized equipment and get psychologically ready of the exciting adventure. This amazing trip might cost you somewhere between 10 and 40 dollars, but it is worth any cent.

Keep yourself fit and choose another trip full of adrenaline in the beautiful rain forests. These explorations vary according to your preferences: they can be really short or take an entire day. No matter their duration, you must have a permission card, which you can obtain from the local Tourist Board. You can find really cheap excursions at only 5 dollars, but the inhabitants offer you all inclusive trips with accommodation, guide, food, at 100 dollars.

Other great modalities to spend your time in this unique place, recommended by Saint Lucia Travel Guide, are: visiting the breathtaking waterfalls, the Botanical Garden and Pigeon Island National Park. Don’t forget to have fun and to buy beautiful presents for the dear ones waiting for you at home.


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