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Martinique Travel Guide

Martinique travel guide- General Overview

The country has a wide offer for everyone: mountains to climb, the Atlantic Ocean or the Caribbean Sea for diving, swimming, surfing or kite surfing, fine sand beaches and very fine food and drinks. In case nature is not enough, the colonial cities will provide a delightful mixture of Creole and French influences. The capital- Fort de France- has a European style, including buildings like Sacre Coeur de Balata which is a replica of Montmartre Church in Paris; still there are not many places where you can find the jungle so close to civilization or where you can bathe in the basin of a natural waterfall being in the city. Visiting Martinique will take you in one of the most beautiful places of the European Union as the country is in fact part of France, The Overseas Department.

Martinique travel guide – Heritage

As every country, it has got museums and many interesting sites, however some are specific. Imagine visiting old plantations, like Habitation Clement where you can discover the 19th century way of life, old rum distilleries or sugar cane refineries. Some of these are still functional. Also unique is the former capital city of Saint Pierre, destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mount Pelee, but whose ruins are well conserved and remind of the beauty of the city.

Those interested in archaeology may visit pre- Columbian digging sites or the Departmental Museum of Archaeology and Prehistory. There is also a museum named Paul Gaugain on the spot the painter rented a hut during his stay in Martinique. Still, it is more dedicated to accommodating local costumes and fabrics than to the painter.

Do not miss Balata Botanical Garden or go to a local market to have an image of all the edible fruit, vegetables and spices that make the country renowned for the variety of flavors.

Martinique travel guide -Economy and Luxury

The main sector is agriculture, mainly exporting bananas, pineapples, avocados, sugarcane, but also flowers and vegetables. The country is beginning to have increasing incomes from tourism, either from people visiting the country or from cruising ships which have transformed it into an important stopping point.

The wages are among the highest in the region and the currency is the Euro. The country is benefiting of substantial financial aid from France. This has made people give up ideas of becoming an independent territory. Martinique is also beginning to adopt the sophistication characteristic to France which attracts tourists and money: latest fashion and music events, the Carnival (the Vaval as the islanders call it), the style of cooking and all inclusive hotels.

Martinique travel guide - When and Why to Visit

Some choose it simply for its beauty; some think it is a peaceful and safe country. For those who are not EU citizens, a Schengen visa might be required. Terrorism is not a threat for the time being. The dangers that might be encountered are hurricanes from June to November, but statistically they occur mainly in September and earthquakes.

Strange for this part of the world, there is no malaria and water is safe to drink from the tap (however freshly squeezed fruit juice is better).Theoretically, Martinique has a dry and a wet season. In fact showers may occur any time of the year, but they are short and sunshine makes way through quickly. Avoid sunburns and bring a sunscreen cream from home as the ones in the cosmopolite pharmacies, produced in France, might be really expensive. The good news is that the temperature ranges between 20 to 32 degrees Celsius almost all the time.


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