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Saskatchewan Travel Guide
Saskatchewan Travel Guide
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Saskatchewan Travel Guide

Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan is a captivating province with beautiful places to visit, rich cultural heritage and hospitable people that will surprise you at each step.

Saskatchewan – Geography

Covering a large surface of about 652.000 square km, Saskatchewan is one of the largest provinces of Canada. Its location, landlocked by the rest of the continent and the diverse topography determines the presence of four seasons with two extremes: very low temperatures in the north and a temperate climate in the south.

Some of the particularities of the topography are the Cypress Hills (1392m), also the highest peak in the province, the southern Bad Lands and the Athabasca sand dunes. There is also a large density of lakes and rivers in Saskatchewan, among which the most important are Lake Athabasca, Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan River and Churchill River.

A beautiful element of the local topography is also the waterfalls that are not as spectacular as the ones located in the southern part of the United States but have their own special charm. Some of the most representative are the Nistowiak Falls and the Spruce Falls.

Saskatchewan – Flora and Fauna

The regional flora and fauna are in perfect concordance with the local topography and climate, very diverse and protected by law in two important areas: the Grasslands National Park of Canada protecting the prairie grasses, dinosaurs fossils and badlands and the Prince Albert National Park of Canada protecting the coniferous boreal forests with the animals present there.

Saskatchewan – Population

Saskatchewan numbers about one million inhabitants, grouped in the southern part of the province and around the capital city of Regina and other main cities like Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Yorkton. Regina is a beautiful city surrounded by parks and with a great deal of tourist attractions.

Population here is a mix of many religions and nationalities, with the predominance of the Roman Catholic Church, Lutherans and Germans and English nationalities.

Most of the people here are working in agriculture, livestock, mining, oil industry and government services.

Saskatchewan – Tips for Tourists

If you decide for Saskatchewan as your next holiday destination then you must know that usually a visa and a valid passport are required to enter the country. You will also be requested to have return tickets, documents for your next destination if necessary and enough money to support yourself during the stay.

The travelers are also advised to check with a local embassy or consulate office in order to receive the most accurate information.

Saskatchewan – Transport

Saskatchewan has developed a very well organized transport infrastructure and also a very diverse one. You can travel here by air, using one of the international local airports like the Regina International Airport or a water aerodrome for more isolated areas. The ferries are also a good option for traveling inland Saskatchewan, operating on some of the rivers and lakes.

You can also use the highways, roads and railways for interstate traveling and within the cities the urban transport.

Saskatchewan – Resorts

With such a multitude of tourist attractions it would be hard to resist not visiting this Canadian province.

Saskatchewan offers destinations and perfect accommodation fit for family vacations, adventurers or business travels. According to the purpose of your visit you can choose among family resorts, ecotourism, hunting or fishing resorts and more. For a family getaway Glenn Hills Trophy Lodge is the place to stay. They offer great accommodation, numerous facilities and endless possibilities for outdoor activities both during winters and summers like boating, hiking, skiing, astronomical observations and more.

For a black bear hunting trip you can choose Tate Island Lodge, a great place to stay with clean rooms, hospitable personnel and homemade meals. The Cabins are also another good option if you want to be closer to nature but still comfortable.

For anyone willing to travel to Saskatchewan, the unique nature, culture and people will offer you an unforgettable experience.


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