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Aruba Travel Guide
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Aruba Travel Guide

A perfect destination where luxury blends with exoticism and where summer breezes cool the desert like sandy beaches, Aruba is a welcoming island both for the pretentious and for common tourists. If you look for white sandy beaches, turquoise water for snorkeling, good accommodation and excellent food, do not hesitate to fly to Aruba.

Lying in the Caribbean Sea, twenty miles north of Venezuela, Aruba is a small island on no more than 20 miles in length and 6 mile width and it is, like Bonaire and Curacao, an ex-Dutch colony. The island is the home of around 90000 people who live around Oranjestad, the capital town. The official languages are Dutch and Papiamento (a local mix of European, African and Native American languages) but English is the most widespread language on the island. The architecture is mainly Dutch baroque ornamentation with bright Caribbean colors such as pink and limegreen.

The beaches in Aruba are white and soft, the waters are aquamarine and turquoise and the breeze is cooling the air.

Aruba has many luxury resorts which offer a variety of activities and facilities. All water sports may be practiced here from scuba diving and snorkeling to windsurfing and jet-sky. You may also practice many land activities such as golf, horse-riding or hiking.

There are many hotels behind the main beaches - Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, which are located west of the capital Oranjestad. Eagle Beach hosts the Low-Rise hotels whereas Palm Beach is the High-Rise hotels area. If you prefer a comfortable, quieter atmosphere, Eagle Beach is the best option. There are here many up to four story-high hotels and apartment-style accommodations ideal for families or groups of friends. They provide either all-inclusive or bed&breakfast services. The High-Rise zone, which stretches along Palm Beach, is the place for any type of wallet. These hotels are glamorous and display glitzy casinos and luxury restaurants fitted for both high-class and middle-class. Many resorts are located directly on the beach and around them there are plenty of eating, drinking and gambling places. Contrary to Eagle Beach, Palm Beach is rather crowded but full of life.

There are many accommodation places in the capital Oranjestad as well and if you like an ‘urban’ environment full of casinos, restaurants and nightclubs, this is the right place. Here you may also find hotels with private beaches, gyms and tennis courts. More than that, there are some other accommodation options such as the condominiums and detached villas near the island’s golf course, Tierra del Sol, especially for those who like lying long on the beach. At the same time, there is a bunch of motels inland from the beaches which are a good option for money-saving tourists.

As concerns the eating places and the social events spots, Aruba are on top. You will find diverse culinary offers, tasty and inventive. There are many clubs, booze cruises and casinos so night are full of temptations for any budget.

Aruba is famous for being one of the safest holiday-destinations on earth and this is due to the high-rate of employment. As far as the locals are concerned, they are friendly and hospitable and ready to help with information all the time.

Apart from the luxury it offers, Aruba is also an island with natural wonders such as boulder formations, cacti, limestone cliffs, sand dunes and iguanas. You may find a guide to show you all these beauties.

So, come and enjoy the beautiful paradise of Aruba!

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