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Maldives Travel Guide
Maldives Travel Guide
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Maldives Travel Guide

The Maldives Travel Guide

Looking for an exotic vacation and you have doubts about where to go? Maldives Islands are the best choice for it! The Maldives archipelago means sun, sand, sea, lagoons, underwater coral gardens, in a word, the perfect natural combination for your ideal tropical holiday destination. However there is more to be found in the Maldives than just that.

The Maldives Travel Guide – Geography

The Republic of Maldives is an island country consisting of a chain of 1190 tiny coral islands, grouped in 26 atolls, across the equator in the Indian Ocean. 99% of its surface is covered by the sea. Only 185 islands are inhabited, the rest consists of 87 resorts and uninhabited ones which are used for agricultural purposes and drying fish.

It should be mentioned that the Maldives is known as being the lowest land in the world as its maximum ground level does not exceed an altitude of 2.3 m above sea level.

Malé is the capital city of the Maldives. Situated in the middle of the atoll chain, it is the most important centre of trade, business, commerce and education in the archipelago.

The Maldives Travel Guide – Climate

There is a tropical climate and temperatures are high all year round and there is also a great deal of sunshine. April is known as being the hottest month of the year, and December, the coolest. Monsoons largely determine the weather in the Maldives.

The Maldives Travel Guide –Paradise on Earth

The Maldives Islands, rising from the intense blue waters of the Indian Ocean, fascinate every traveler with the most charming submarine and seaside environment of the mystical islands, lagoons and reefs, associated with the tropical sun. This paradise is open year-round to enchant thousands of visitors with its white sandy beaches, tall palm-trees leaning towards the dazzling bluish seawaters, pristine coral reefs and the most incredible crystal clear underwater on the planet. The islands are famous for the rare beauty of their underwater.

Divers and snorkelers are fascinated by the profoundness of the blazing colors and the abundance of underwater life. The highest level of underwater clarity makes the visibility exceed 50 m which is perfect for scuba-diving and exploring the variety of underwater life. Some of the best dive sites in the world can be found in the Maldives. Diving high professional schools conduct courses for both beginners and advanced in any of the resorts in the Maldives.

Snorkeling is also an ideal way to explore the shallow reefs of the islands. The house reefs are just at a stone’s throw away from the beach. Snorkeling equipment is available almost everywhere on the islands. Regular snorkeling excursions are organized for offering the visitors a unique chance to experience the diversity of reef structures around the Maldives.

Surfing is also practicable in the Maldives. The period of southwest monsoon from May to October provides the best surfing.

The Maldives Travel Guide – The Best Choice for a Perfect Honeymoon

The best choice to spend the most romantic honeymoon would be the Maldives, an ideal place where the intimacy of a natural setting with spectacular sunsets and deep blue lagoons, make your honeymoon memories last for a lifetime. All the Maldives resorts offer inimitably excellent services for a perfect honeymoon. Tasty food and packed fruit plates associated with flower-decorated rooms, romantic candle-lit dinners on the beach or champagne breakfasts in the privacy of your room, as well as many other inconceivable services, will make your honeymoon stay fresh in your mind.

The Maldives Travel Guide – Cuisine

Maldivian cuisine mainly consists of Tuna dishes. The most popular Maldivian food is gawdhiya, which is a soup made of Tuna and chunks. Some other dishes, all having fish as main element, are hanaakurimas, which is fried fish with various spices, guldha, fish balls made by mixing vaihoamas with onions, chili, coconut, ginger and limejuice, and some kind of a dough filled with Tuna fish, ginger and lemon grass, named bajiya. Sweet potatoes and taro are also popular as being the locally grown vegetables.

The Maldives Travel Guide – Currency & Visa

The Maldives’ currency is the Maldivian Rufiya (MVR). 1 MVR is 100 laari. It is compulsory to know that there are no cash machines in the Maldives. The currency can be easily exchanged at resorts and banks. Most resorts and hotels accept credit cards.

Travel visas for 30 days may be issued on arrival day and are free of charge to all travelers holding valid travel documents.

The Maldives is no more than snorkel and sun, a marvelous tropical wonderland where relaxation and good time make you discover the paradise on earth.


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