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Portland History, Oregon

Portland is the largest and most populated city in the US state Oregon. Portland is known across USA as the ‘City of Roses’ and it is recognized as one of the greenest cities in the country (take a look at Portland Sights and Portland Travel Guide articles for more information on the city with the same name in Maine). Probably the most interesting event in Portland history is the legend of its foundation: it all began with a quarter of a dollar.

Portland History – The Legend of Portland’s Foundation

At its origins, Portland was a small resting place on the banks of Willamette River, known by trappers and pioneers as ‘the Cleaning’. William Overton claimed the land around the Cleaning with the help of Asa Lovejoy, who borrowed him the 25 cents needed to process the papers. But Overton soon changed his mind and sold his share to Francis W. Pettygrove. The new partners had problems deciding how to name the settlement, so they finally flipped a coin and Pettygrove’s variant – Portland, after the homonymous city in Maine, was chosen.

Portland History – Early Years

By the mid 19th century, Portland had grown to be quite a view: in opposition to its muddy roads and predominantly masculine population, Portland was already the most populous city on the northwest coast and had its own newspaper. On February 8, 1851, Portland, Oregon was incorporated as a city, and the incorporation was soon followed by the election of the first mayor and city council. The city’s economy grew rapidly in the second half, facilitated by the waterway transportation. The efforts to make the river accessible to steamboats and freights were soon rewarded, as Portland played a major role in the transportation of precious metals during the Gold Rush. Portland’s history took a major turn with the arrival of the railroad in 1868 and the installation of the first telephone lines and electric streetlights in the 1880s. A destructive fire hit the town’s business district in 1873 and the damages were estimated to more than 1 million dollars.

Portland History – Portland in the 20th Century

In the first decade of the 20th century, the population again doubled. The first part of the century was a time of violence and riots. The West Coast waterfront strike and the organized crime networks in the ‘40s were important challenges for the city administration. During the 80s and 90’s, Portland underwent a series of infrastructural improvements, following the Central City Plan drawn in 1987. Portland’s economy took a new ascending path at the end of the century, as the new IT and design companies attracted a lot of young artists. It is estimated that 10000 artists live and work in Portland in the present. In 2000, just one year before the city’s 150 celebration, Money Magazine declared Portland the number one city to live in.

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