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Kentucky Travel Guide
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Kentucky Travel Guide

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing of Kentucky is probably fried chicken, but there is so much more to this Midwest state than its well known cuisine. Kentucky possesses a wealth of resources, both cultural and natural. Home to the largest cave system in the States, the homeland of bluegrass, fine bourbon and tobacco and horse races, Kentucky is perhaps one of the most emblematic American States. Kentucky’s landscape is marked by winding roads flanked by trees and stone walls, forests and rolling hills. Regardless of whether you are visiting Kentucky countryside or large cities like Louisville or Frankfort, you can’t avoid being impressed by Kentucky’s all-American charm. This Kentucky Travel Guide will help you discover more about this beautiful state.

Kentucky Travel Guide - Geography and Places of Interest

Kentucky is made up of several distinct regions. The westernmost tip of the state is Jackson Purchase, followed by the Western Coal Fields and Mississippi Plateau further east, the Outer Bluegrass and Inner Bluegrass to the north and the Cumberland Plateau to the east. The landscape of Kentucky is very diverse, from pastures and planes to mountains and forests. Bluegrass grows practically everywhere is Kentucky, which is why the state is also called Bluegrass Country.

Kentucky’s weather is mild all year round, with warm summer with the occasional cool evening or morning and snowy but not overly cold winters. While there are extensive urban areas, there are over 45 state parks, national parks, historic parks and protected forests on the territory of Kentucky. If you’re into hiking, nature-watching or cave exploring, you will definitely love the Kentucky countryside. The cities and towns of Kentucky have plenty of historical attractions to keep visitors busy, especially Fort Knox, Lexington and Louisville.

Kentucky Travel Guide - Things to Do

Bluegrass, bourbon and horse races are the symbols of Kentucky and can be found practically everywhere in the state. Lexington is known as the horse race capital of the world, so even if you don’t plan on betting your traveler’s cheques on a race, seeing Kentucky’s beautiful horses racing is quite an exciting experience. For trekking and cave exploring go to Mammoth Cave National Park which hosts the largest cave system in the world. Fort Knox has quite a few historical attractions and museums detailing the state’s history. There are many distilleries that offer tours and tastings for tourist, and at the Jim Beam’s American Outpost in Clermont, you can visit the home of one’s of America’s most famous whisky distillers.


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