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Tonga Travel Guide
Tonga Travel Guide
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Tonga Travel Guide

Tonga Travel: General Information

The Kingdom of Tonga located in the South Pacific Ocean is a cluster of 169 islands, of which 36 are inhabited. Visiting Tonga is probably one of the best ways to connect and communicate with nature. It offers a vast expanse of cascading blue waters and glittering sand. Tonga is the best bet for people who have been hunting for a destination that is tranquil and exotic at the same time. With entertainment options like sailing, whale watching, diving, fishing, kayaking and caving on serene islands, cultural festivals and amicable locals; Tonga is fast emerging as a hot spot for tourists and adventurers.

Tonga Travel: Key Facts

Capital city: Nukualofa

Area: 748 sq Km

Population: 120,898 (2009 estimate)

Monetary Unit: Pa’anga

Official Language: Tongan

International Dialing code: 676

Tonga Travel: Popular Tourist Destinations

  • Tongatapu: It is one of largest islands located in the Kingdom of Tonga. This picturesque island’s main beach is at Ha'atafu. Tongatapu houses some of the most fascinating archaeological sites including the Trilithon of Ha'amonga 'A Maui which is regarded as the ‘Stonehenge of the South Pacific’. The coastline of Tongatapu is also home to some of the South Pacific's most fascinating collection of blowholes. The Royal Palace is yet another must visit spot, as its wooden decor is really amazing. The other attractions of Tongatapu are Nuku’alofa, Mu’a and Eua Island.
  • Vava’u: A tour to this famous chain of islands proves to be refreshing for holiday makers. It is packed with shops that sell locally made traditional goods. It also has some good snorkeling sites. The Coral Gardens of Nuapapu Island and the reef of Mala Island are both marvelous locations to visit. It is also the best place to view humpback whales in their natural environment. Mo'unga Talau is a beautiful mountain and provides a breathtaking view of the area.

Tonga Travel: Economy and Infrastructure

The economy of Tonga is largely agricultural and still lacks a substantial monetary sector. The prevailing monetary sectors are dominated by the royal family. The economy is heavily dependent on remittances from the country's population that lives abroad. The main products of the region include squash, fish, copra and coconut products, vanilla bean extract and bananas which make up two-thirds of the total exports. However, tourism remains the sole source of foreign exchange and currency earnings for the local people. Tonga is expected to make considerable development in the future as it plans emphasizing on the growth of the private sector and the expansion of existing agricultural sector has begun.

Tonga Travel: Culture

The people of Tonga live in harmonious communities. Because of the friendly environment, the islands are popularly known as ‘the friendly islands’. Women enjoy a powerful status and more freedom than anywhere else in the South Pacific. The most prominent and striking feature of the Tongan culture is wearing traditional mats as skirts. Pigs are held in high regard in the Tongan society and if anyone dares to harm a pig, the person is gravely penalized. A major tourist attraction in Tonga is the Heilala Festival which takes place every June and showcases the region’s traditional activities. The high importance given to feasting and the highly acclaimed solo dances performed by Tongan women mark the uniqueness of the Tongan culture.


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