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Helsingborg History, Sweden

Helsingborg, a city by the sea found in Sweden, is more than just a beautiful place. The city is also known for its strong history mirrored through the historical sites that still stands to this day. Helsingborg History may be tracked through the following series of events.

Helsingborg History – Establishment of Helsingborg

The date May 21, 1085 is considered as the time when Helsingborg was established. It was during this day that the city was first cited in a record of gift from Knut the Holy, the Danish king. However, it is more likely that people had already been living for a relative amount of time before 1085.

During the 12th century, the regular wooden citadel found at the peak of the cliffs was changed with a stronger and almost invincible castle. The settlement was built around the castle including 3 churches and 1 monastery.

Helsingborg History – The Middle Ages

Helsingborg became a significant Danish town all through the Medieval Era. It was not only a military headquarters at that time, but also a governmental seat for the entire northern Skane. Helsingborg was indeed a very influential town, which held much power and wealth.

Helsingborg History – 16th and 17th Century

The supremacy Helsingborg experienced during the Middle Ages did not carry on. When the Reformation occurred in the 16th century, the churches found in the town were knocked down and the castle which grew old could no longer protect Skane and its people.

Helsingborg’s weakening persisted through the 17th century. The wars that took place between Denmark and Sweden further contributed to the decline of the once-proud town. Helsingborg was taken over by the Swedish from the Danish six times. When the “Skane War” broke, almost the entire key area of the town was annihilated including the castle. Through the leadership of Magnus Stenbock, the Danish were finally defeated in 1710. The battle that took place in Helsingborg is considered as the bloodiest in Sweden’s history.

Helsingborg History – 18th Century to Present

In the 18th century, Helsingborg had a population of only 700 due to the war and the epidemic that struck the place. However, when the Industrial Revolution began, the town saw hope and started to progress. The town expanded its harbor, built businesses, and constructed railways thus making a mark in Helsingborg History.

In 1865, Helsingborg’s Central Station was constructed and in 1885 the steam ferry station was built. These opened the town to other cities and districts in Sweden and meant more development in terms of trade. As Helsingborg continued to expand in terms of industries its population continued to grow. Many people moved to the town.

Today, Helsingborg continues to thrive as a modern city rich in culture and history. Its economy is still as strong as ever and its people are happy to be staying in the city. For other important facts about Sweden and the whole of Europe, Gothenburg History and Aalborg History are good reading materials to start with.

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