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Paramaribo Travel Guide, Suriname And Jan Mayen Islands

Paramaribo, Travel guide – Location

The exotic Paramaribo is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in Northern South America, 163 miles from Cayenne, French Guiana and 174 miles from Georgetown, Guyana. Paramaribo travel guide presents a few basic facts about the city.

Paramaribo, Travel guide – Geography

Also the capital city of Suriname, Paramaribo is set in a low coastal plain area with several wetlands sustained mainly by the presence of the Suriname River which passes near the city. The vicinity of the ocean, the presence of the river and the image of the modern city blend together nicely and offer a great atmosphere for tourists visiting these places.

Climate in Paramaribo is tropical and has typically two seasons the wet one and the dry one. Temperatures are very pleasant throughout the year with an average of 30ºC, in the dry seasons never being too hot and in the wet season too chilly. The most attractive period of the year is March and April when it is warm and not too much humidity.

The local hydrograph network is represented by Suriname River, the largest and most important navigable water flow in the country.

Paramaribo, Travel guide – Flora and Fauna

Being located in a tropical climate area and in the famous Amazonian basin, Paramaribo can be characterized as a having a rich and diverse flora and fauna. Most of the plant species are adapted to the heavily moisturized soils which are quite common here, housing important areas of swamp forests dominated by species like the baboon wood, boar wood, acai berry palm, purple coral tree, dragon blood tree and also many species of flowers and water lilies.

Paramaribo is also a place where numerous species of reptiles, mammals and birds can be admired, among the most popular being the tortoises, iguana, white egret, dart frog and many more. There is also a zoo in the city where tourists and locals can admire both local animal species as well as foreign ones.

Paramaribo, Travel guide – Transport

Paramaribo has a strategic location within Suriname and as a result it is crossed by the main transport systems of the country. The capital city has two airports, the Zorg-en-Hoop Airport and the Johan Pengel International Airport, both of them located just minutes away from the city. Transfer to the city is usually made by bus, taxi or you can rent a car at the airport for a more comfortable travel. The water transportation is another option in Paramaribo, by ferry or water taxi which creates good connections with other cities near Suriname but also with the nearby French Guyana.

Within the city tourists can travel by taxi, minibus or minivans which operate regular routes and are quite comfortable at reasonable prices.

Paramaribo, Travel guide – Population and Economy

The capital city of Paramaribo houses about a half of the country’s inhabitants, around 240.000 people of different nationalities and religions. The mix of nationalities, cultures and beliefs create a unique atmosphere here where people are friendly and welcoming. The official language in Paramaribo, as in the entire Suriname, is Dutch, but Spanish, English and several local dialects like the Sranan Tongo are also spoken. The population is mainly made up of Creoles, Chinese, Brazilians, Dutch and their dominating religion are the Christian ones along with Hindu and others.

Paramaribo is an important exporter of all kinds of goods from food to building materials, mining products, agricultural products and more. The main natural resource in the area is the bauxite, along with gold and fine woods. Agriculture is also important producing mainly fruits like the bananas and cereals along with fishing industry which exports important quantities of fish and seafood.

Paramaribo, Travel guide – Cuisine

The local diversity is not referring only to population but also to local food, every community having its own specialties. Some of the traditional dishes here are the stamp-pot, a mixture of boiled and mashed vegetables served with bacon, bonensoep, which is a delicious beans soup, hutspot which is also a combination of vegetables served with meat and so on. Seafood and fish are also commonly eaten like the vatapa which is a combination of various fish with veggies, as well as the local exotic fruits, usually at dessert.

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