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Cordoba History, Spain

The historic city of Cordoba is a part of the country of Andalusia which is under the kingdom of Spain. It has about 306,000 residents. Many historical figures like Seneca, Averroes, Maimonides and Lucan were born in this city. Learn about Cordoba History which has magnificent beginnings like Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Cordoba History – Roman Period

The Roman Period contributed to a lot of Cordoba History. After the Romans defeated the Carthaginians, the former took over Andalusia and renamed it Baetica. Cordoba was named the capital of the region. During that time, the city had more cultural infrastructures than Rome.

Cordoba History – Muslim Period

In 711 AD, the city of Cordoba was occupied by the Muslims. When this happened, Cordoba ascended as the biggest city in Europe. The city represented the most advanced culture and the most urbanized system of government in the continent.

In 750 AD, the Umayyad Caliphs in Damascus were ousted. The Caliphs moved to Cordoba and established a sultanate where they ruled until the year 929 AD. When Abd-ar-rahman III assumed the throne, he changed the sultanate government into a caliphate one.

By the 10th century, Cordoba experienced its Golden Age having three exceptional rulers starting with Abd-ar-rahmann III, then his son Al-Hakam II, and lastly Al-Mansur Ibn Abi Aamir or Almansor “the Victorious”. Again, Cordoba became the biggest, most culturally advanced government in Europe. The city reached a population of 250,000, had an enormous amount of wealth, and the buildings were just beyond every other else’s.

When the 11th century came, the Caliphate slowly declined and eventually its government collapsed. Because of the wavering and widespread aggressions among the successors of the riches of the Caliphate, the Christian region had easily attacked Cordoba. By the middle of the 11th century the history of Cordoba was reduced to the tale of the city and its neighboring villages.

Cordoba History – Period of the Christians

When the age of the Muslims declined, the Requenquista took over the city of Cordoba. By the year 1236, the city was governed by the Catholic Kings starting with Ferdinand III who penetrated Cordoba and acquired control. The Christian King instigated the building of a cathedral in the center of Cordoba. All throughout the city, during the reign of the Christians, constructions of churches and monasteries were done. Most of these constructions can still be seen in Cordoba.

Cordoba's impressive past outlined the history of this city. Cordoba’s magnificence is mainly due to the events that had happened. The greatness of the city’s past is reflected on the place and its people. As you traverse to this wonderful Spanish city, visit Rosario, Argentina as well.

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