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The initial accounts of the subsistence of Singapore are from the Chinese who described the island as Pu Lo Chung as early as in the third century. It is believed that Prince Sang Nila Utama came to the island in thirteenth century. The name of the city is also believed to come from the name of wild beast found in the region called as Singa or Lion. In 1330, a traveler from China named Wang Dayuan visited the Island of Singapore. He confirms about a small community in Singapore at that time that comprised of the Chinese and the Malay people.

During the fourteenth century, Singapore lost in a Majapahit attack and Parameswara who was a prince of Palembang became the King of Singapore. But soon he was defeated by the Siamese forces and was forced to flee to Muar. The city was then ruled by Portuguese followed by the Dutch.  

Modern history of Singapore

The modern history of Singapore starts from 19th century. In 1819, the British showed their interest in the place. They tried to over power the Dutch in Singapore. They established a trading center for the East India Company. Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles became the first Governor General of Singapore. No later in 1822, Raffles showed his intention of setting up his colony in the place. Soon Singapore became one of the British colonies and was under the rule of the East India Company. The Dutch protested against the settlement of the British on their Island. This made a way to the famous Anglo-Dutch treaty in the year 1824 which carved the way of Singapore to come under the British rule. It was in 1830 that Singapore came under the Presidency of Bengal in India.

Singapore now became an open port with major population of Chinese. Malay became the second largest population by then. Although it was a major port but very little was being done by the British for the Singaporeans. The merchants, who were the powerful group in Singapore, started agitating against the British.

In 1867, Crown’s colony was established. This colony was under a new Governor General from the Colonial Office in London. This major step led to the improvement of the social condition in Singapore.

The First World War did not do any damages to Singapore. But the Second World War did not spare the city. Japan captured Singapore and was in power from 1942 to 1945. Those were the black days in the history of Singapore. Japan imposed severe rules on the locals of the city. When Japan surrendered in 1945, British regained Singapore. The infrastructure of the city was completely ruined. But the Singaporeans wanted self government. The self government finally formed by 1963. In 1963, Singapore was merged with Malaysia but racial tensions captured the region after merger. Finally in 1965, it was separated from Malaysia and became independent. The British remained in Singapore till late sixties but then British decided to withdraw the army from Singapore.

Although Singapore faced a lot of severe phases but has emerged as a great city today. It is one of the most admired cities of the world.

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