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Niue Travel Guide
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Niue Travel Guide


Niue is an exotic holiday destination, a coral island with clear water lagoons, lush rainforests, mysterious caves and spectacular cliffs.

Niue – Geography

Niue Island is part of Polynesia, located in the South Pacific, north-east of New Zealand. The island is one of the largest coral islands in the world with no sandy beaches, just limestone cliffs and covered on a quarter of its surface with virgin tropical forest. The local topography is marked by two major bays, the Alofi Bay and Avatele Bay and the coral reefs that surround the island. Due to its location, the island has a tropical climate with two seasons, average temperatures between 22 and 27ºC and important rainfalls especially in April.

As a result of the limestone terrain there are numerous caves on the shores of the island but there are no rivers, streams or lakes, the island’s fresh water reserves being located right beneath its landmass.

Niue – Flora and Fauna

The island has a rich and very well preserved flora and fauna represented by a deep rainforest and numerous characteristic animal and bird species. All the natural beauties of these places can be admired in the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area and the Anono Marine Reserve.

Niue – Tips for Tourists

If your next holiday destination is the exotic island of Niue then you must know that in order to travel without problems there are some important requirements you must not neglect like a valid passport, return ticket, but no visa. Upon arrival you will be given an entry permit valid for 30 days which can be extended by contacting a local immigration office.

The local currency is the New Zeeland Dollar and can be converted at the only bank in Niue, the Bank of the South Pacific in Alofi.

Niue – Transport

Transportation on the island is made only by car or bus on their 123 km of paved roads. There is no public transportation on the island so tourists have the possibility to rent a car, van or bicycle but only with a prior reservation due to the small number of motorcars available.

Getting on the island is easiest by plane, arriving on the only airport on the island, the Niue International Airport or by water but there is no organized transport in this respect. Usually the tourists traveling by sea use yachts to get on the island.

Niue – Resorts

Niue is a piece of heaven for fishing, caving, swimming, diving and more. You will be amazed by the simplicity of the locals, their lives and traditions, a place where everything happens at a slow pace.

Due to the island’s reduced dimensions accommodation is simple and not too varied. There are about six motels and guest houses on the island, most of them former family houses turned into tourist facilities. One of the nicest places to stay here is the Coral Gardens Hotel, offering five chalets with basic facilities but gorgeous view over a tropical coral garden and of course the vicinity of other popular attractions.

If you enjoy caving then you should stay at Anaiki Hotel, located near the Avaiki Caves. The hotel offers cozy rooms with breakfast included, organizes fishing and caving trips all in breathtaking scenery.

Niue - Cuisine

The locals’ traditional cuisine is based on regional ingredients like the arrowroot, coconut, beef and chicken meat, seafood and fish. A much appreciated traditional meal is the faikai, a sort of fish marinated in coconut juice, another is the takihi, which are slices of taro and pawpaw cooked in an earth oven, coconut bread is also a local specialty. People living here also eat non tropical fruits and vegetables which are imported along with other types of food like meat, pastry and more. They usually cook the meals in earth ovens but many families also have modern facilities like electric or gas stoves.

On the whole, Niue is a gorgeous vacation destination. The inviting clear water natural pools, sharp cliffs and turquoise waters of the ocean are just a few ingredients that will make you never want to leave this place.


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