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Luxembourg history is closely linked to the histories of its neighboring countries, dynasties and peoples. The oldest artifacts that have been found in Luxembourg are said to be around 35,000 years old. But the first proof of actual civilization came in the form of houses in 5000 BC. This came with artifacts such as jewelry, knives and pottery. Although Luxembourg history goes all the way back to the Roman times, it properly began in 963.

Luxembourg History – The 10th - 15th Century

In 963, Luxembourg history truly began when Luxembourg Castle was built during the Middle Ages. Count Siegfriend I of Ardennes exchanged some land for a Roman fort called Lucilinburhuc, around which a town slowly grew. This town became a small yet essential state of enormous strategic value to several countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands and France.

The fort slowly became bigger and stronger through the years and soon became the strongest fort in Europe. Its strategic location and fearsome defenses caused the place to be known as the Gibraltar of the North.

All the way to 1354, Luxembourg stayed an independent country to the Holy Roman Empire, much like the city of Cologne; then, it turned into a duchy. By 1437, the royal families of Luxembourg became extinct since there was no male heir. Because of this, Duke Philip III of Burgundy inherited Luxembourg after the duchess’ death in 1457. From 1467 to 1469, this duchy became part of the Netherlands’ Seventeen Provinces. By 1947, Luxembourg was ruled over by Habsburg.

Luxembourg History – The 15th – 18th Century

In 1598, however, Luxembourg was given back to its rightful dynasty heirs of Elisabeth. And in the following centuries, the Brandenburg electors moved their claim forward to Luxembourg patrimony. By 1609, a base territory existed in the area known as the duchy of Cleves, which turned out to be the beginning of the Prussian Rhineland. By 1813, several districts of Luxembourg united with Prussia.

The rule of Habsburg was confirmed in the year 1715 and Luxembourg was united with the Austrian Netherlands, but the rules of Austria were more than ready to hand in Luxembourg, amongst other locations, in order to develop their power base in Vienna..

Luxembourg was won over by France during the War of the First Coalition in 1795 and was formalized two years thereafter. In 1798, Luxembourg locals started a rebellion against the French called the Peasant’s War, but this was quickly oppressed.

Luxembourg History – Modern Luxembourg

After the Second World War, Luxembourg was no longer neutral and joined NATO, as well as the United Nations. It now shares a monetary and economic union with Belgium and shares one with the Netherlands, as well.

Luxembourg’s current Prime Minister is Jean-Claude Juncker, who follows every tradition of Europe. Five years ago, he became the temporary president of twelve finance ministers who share the euro. To this day, Luxembourg remains one of the biggest and strongest partners of the European Union, along with Brussels, and has been using the euro currency since 1999.

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