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Kyoto History, Japan

Kyoto City vaunts well over 1,200 years of history as an artistic, commercial, and religious center. Over centuries, Kyoto has gained valuable cultural heritage obtained from its people of aspirational artisans, merchants, performing artist, and shopkeepers, simply as much as from the more famous emperors, poets, priests, and warriors of the city.

Much of the culture of Japan has been developed from the economic and esthetic initiatives and accomplishments of the city. In Kyoto, the Heian era is related to aristocratic and courtly art, elegance, literature, poetry, and religious learning. “The Tale of Genji” written by Murasaki Shikibu, the world’s foremost novel, and “The Pillow Book” written by Sei Shonagun are eternal literary achievements of the period.

Heian-kyo Capital, now known as the Kyoto City, was founded in the year 794. The Shingon and Tendai sects of early Buddhism have their origins from Kyoto City. The headquarters of Tendai was located at Enryakuji Temple on Mount Hiei, and an important establishment of Shingon is the construction of Toji Temple.

During the turmoils of the Kamakura Period that included the aborted encroachments of the Mongols in 1274 and 1281, various Buddhist sects such as Jodo, Jodo Shin, Nichiren, and Zen made their appearance. Among numerous prestigious Zen Buddhist temples (for example, Daitokuji, Myoshinji, and Nanzenji), Kenninji was the foremost temple of Kyoto. From the year 1234, Chionji acts as the headquarters of the Jodo sect. Nishi Honganji Temple was founded in the year 1272, which is the present center of the auspicious Jodo Shin sect.

The Muromachi Epoch commenced with Kyoto under the control of the monocracy of Ashikaga. It constitutes a further development in the cultural patronage and esthetic achievement of Kyoto. Regrettably, the end of this period underwent the devastation of much of the Kyoto City in the calamitous Onin War (1467-1477).

During the Edo Period (1600-1868), in the year 1868, the political power has been transferred from Kyoto to Edo (now, Tokyo); however, Kyoto’s the long years of peace and stability made it develop as a commercial and cultural center. Various skills such as architecture, ceramics, cuisine, gardening, geisha, lacquer ware, papermaking, sake brewing, tea observance, and wood-block printing all grew vigorously during this period. However, Kyoto was not forbore in the in the sense of industrialization and modernization. Still, many dignified Meiji-era buildings and memorials exist there.

In 1868, Kyoto Prefectural Government was founded. In 1871, the first exposition of Japan was held in Kyoto. In the year 1877, Kyoto Railway Station was constructed, and the first train service started between the cities Kyoto and Kobe. Kyoto City Government was established in the year 1889. In 1946, the first National Athletic Meet was organized in Kyoto.

Luckily, during World War II, the Kyoto City was spared demolition. Still many delighting sites such as ancient gardens, inns, palaces, and temples exist there. The only large city in Japan, Kyoto, would be a delighting site for the individuals who are in the search of the esthetic wonders of the Japan
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