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Modena History, Italy

Modena, History – Early Times

Modena History has it that the period when the city was built is unknown. It is believed to have appeared in the 3rd century BC, when Hannibal invaded Italy. The territory surrounding Modena, however, has been invaded in turns by the Villonians, by Ligurian tribes and Etruscans, which had a major influence on Modena city too, later on. After Hannibal’s attack, many Roman magistrates took shelter in this small town and soon after the invasion, when things calmed down, Modena was basically abandoned. In 183 BC, it was restored to life, playing the role of a Roman colony, attracting thus the attention of many enemies. After another terrible invasion, it was again rebuilt and this time it became an important place, especially due to its strategic position, being a key point leading to Verona. What is important to be mentioned about this amazing town is that Attila never managed to conquer it, due to a miraculous fog that hidden it. However, in the 7th century, Modena was destroyed by a terrible flood and abandoned afterwards.

Modena, History – Middle Times

After the natural disaster, the survivors moved a few miles away in order to build a new city. Meantime, a brave bishop managed to reconstruct and refortify the old Modena. A few centuries later, the city became a free commune, being included in the possessions of the Countess Matilda of Tuscany. With the passage of time, families of lords came to live in this quiet and beautiful town, helping thus to its development and modernization. Modena was even made a duchy, going trough a period of evolution.

Modena, History – Modern Age

In times when the Pope had conquered the most important residence of the lords Este, Modena turned into ducal residence for this famous family. Thus the construction of the citadel and of the beautiful palace began. From that moment on, Modena History unfolded along with Este family agitated past. The city was in turn part of the Napoleonic Cispanade Republic, then Austrian territory. It is only in 20th of August 1859 that the city was again included in the Kingdon of Italy.

Nowadays, Modena is knows as “the capital of engines”, due to the presence of the many factories of the popular car makers, which pushed its economy upwards. The city is also famous for its balsamic vinegar, attracting many visitors with its alluring stories of its neighborhoods such as Verona History and Florence History.

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